Amish Assassin By Ashley Emma

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Amish Assassin (standalone novel) : (standalone novel) (Covert Police Detectives Unit Series Book 5) By Ashley Emma


Book/Novel Author: Ashley Emma

Book/Novel Title: Amish Assassin



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When nurse Anna Hershberger finds a man with a bullet wound who begs her to help him without taking him to the hospital, she has a choice to make. Going against his wishes, she takes him to the hospital to help him after he passes out. She thinks she made the right decision…until an assassin storms in with a gun. Anna has no choice but to go on the run with her patient. This handsome stranger, who says his name is Connor, insists that they can’t contact the police for help because there are moles leaking information. His mission is to shut down a local sex trafficking ring targeting Anna’s former Amish community in Unity, Maine, and he needs her help most of all. Since Anna was kidnapped by sex traffickers in her Amish community, she would love nothing more than to get justice and help put the criminals behind bars. But can she trust Connor to not get her killed? And is he really who he says he is? All Anna knows is she’s falling in love with Connor, even though she’s not entirely sure she can trust him. — FACT: There are more slaves now than ever before in history, including over 2 million children trapped in sex slavery. Over 12.3 million people worldwide have become victims. Operation Underground Railroad has rescued over 4,100 children from slavery and has arrested over 2,300 sex traffickers. And yes, slavery is happening in your hometown, and it is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.


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