An Affair by the Sea By Erica Ridley

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An Affair by the Sea (Siren’s Retreat Quartet Book 2) By Erica Ridley


Book/Novel Author: Erica Ridley

Book/Novel Title: An Affair by the Sea



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What happens when a wallflower’s extremely make-believe fake suitor appears in the flesh just in time to ruin all her spinsterly plans? Find out in AN AFFAIR BY THE SEA!Orphaned pianist Allegra Brown is a poor relation with nothing much to recommend her, save a minuscule dowry and a very big imagination. She has spent the past several years as governess to her younger cousins, who are now ready for their come out—and want Allegra to marry, too. Specifically, they eagerly await the return of Allegra’s dashing, handsome, swashbuckling, conveniently absent and secretly fictional fiancé, the dread pirate Captain L’Amour.The only place Mr. John Sharp strikes fear is in the courtroom, where his neat, ordered mind is renowned for winning every case he presents. John loves predictability and longs to be a chef. Unfortunately, every time he puts on an apron, the entire kitchen catches fire. Much like passion burning between him and a certain wildly unpredictable spinster, who seems to have confused him for a dashing, exciting pirate. By fulfilling her fantasies, can his dreams come true…together?
I found An Affair by the Sea to be a total delight in every way. Erica Ridley delivered once again with a zippy, romantic, lovely historical number.These two MCs aren’t haute ton, and I think that made the story feel more approachable. Sure, there was a dowry and some money at play here, but these two were sort of fringe society people. I liked how both MCs had passions (music and cooking), and they related with their creative sides, even if one more more free-spirited and spontaneous and one more exacting. I think they had excellent chemistry, and the way they met each other felt like out of a romantic story (ha!).You have to get past the meddling cousins (I didn’t mind them but I think they were a little intrusive) and the bad guy uncle and way the way the story wrapped up very cleanly and quickly, but I was still swept away by the romance. These two felt lovely together, and I didn’t want to put the book down.A totally delightful book from Erica Ridley, and a nice intro (for me) into this series.
Allegra’s parents have died. She spent the last few years working as a governess. She loves the girls she cares for. They are ready to come out and want Allegra happy, too. Especially they are waiting for the mysterious, adventurous Captain L’Amour to come back for her.Allegra has made him up, adding bits and pieces to the story over the years. One day, while riding a carriage they almost run over a guy, who loves remarkably like the Captain she talked about so much. Girls are over the moon, however, Allegra is dumbstruck.Mr John Sharp is a lawyer, who wanted to do something more, to be a chef. When his first attempt went up in flames, literally, he moved to a small town by the Sea.When they mistake him for Captain L’Amour he plays along. However, it will be hard to maintain a fake relationship with all the chemistry brewing between them.It’s a lovely story, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get into it.Thank you, Netgalley for the ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Erica Ridley weaves a spell with her writing. Allegra has an imaginary beau.. Captain L’Amour, an excitingly, handsome pirate. When he shows up in the flesh, what is she to do? Mr John Sharpe is definitely not a pirate but has all the characteristics of the Captain. Her charges automatically assume it’s him. Now what.? It’s a tangled web that can only lead to confusion and maybe love. Thank you Net Galley and WebMotion for a great book.
The couple in book 2 were unexpected and I loved the premise of the secretly fictional fiancé. The interactions of all of the characters in the book were entertaining and poignant. I am looking forward to reading book 3.
An utterly swoony, charming story, An Affair by the Sea was a quick and fantastically enjoyable read.I’m looking forward to reading more of this series.eARC kindly provided by WebMotion and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.
A clever fun read with characters who made this story soar. I absolutely adored Allegra and her Not-Pirate. They had chemistry for days that made me swoon.


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