An Alpha’s Yearning By Kasey Martin

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An Alpha’s Yearning By Kasey Martin


Book/Novel Author: Kasey Martin

Book/Novel Title: An Alpha’s Yearning



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Roman Dalonzo is a mobster. He makes no apologies for his lifestyle or who he is. He’s a Don. He’s a boss. He’s ruthless. He knows what he wants. And when his eyes land on Erica Younger, he knows who he wants. Roman will stop at nothing to get the gorgeous woman with a quick wit and an unapologetic demeanor.Erica Younger is a business owner. She’s a boss. She’s intelligent. She’s loyal. She’s unapologetic. And when she catches the eye of a ruthless mob boss, Erica wants no parts. However, when fate keeps throwing them together, she reconsiders her stance.Roman and Erica are more alike than they could’ve imagined, but when family ties and misunderstandings combine to make a deadly explosion, will they be able to make their relationship work? Or will they die before they ever get a chance?
Whewww.. Lawd this book was awesome. Love a great Mafia/MC novel. I love the action in this read. This book is a must read.
This was pretty good. At first (and not to be prudish and I guess I am showing my age) but I had to press myself to continue, I did not like the sexual overtones too much and felt that it dominated the actual storyline but as I continued to read it, the mystery about who was setting up whom made it interesting. Also, I liked the family dynamic on both sides and it gave an insight about our couple and their backgrounds. I am glad that Roman and Erica got their HEA.
Lawd have merceee, KM did her thang!!! Well written storyline, with well developed supporting characters . The action, mystery, betrayal, illegitimate son, twists I didn’t see coming, just a hot azz believable storyline . Roman aka Ro, the Italian “Don” with his fine ass, and that BDE . Erica aka EJ or Mistress E, beautiful with plenty of azz . Ro and EJ lay eyes on each other , the chase is on, an unexpected match, the chemistry and feelings between these two, fiyah, neither would submit it is to damn good, just hawt sex . Beybey, READ the book, daamn!
Roman and Erica were truly made for one another. Two Alphas vying for control. The good thing is to know when to submit and be loved.The book covered greed, hatred and jealousy. Three of the seven deadly sins, and what happens when they’re dealt with.Also remember that the love of family can cloud your judgment.
I am loving that so many of the characters from Kasey’s previous books that I love made an appearance in this one! I really hope that we get more of this family, with the brother and cousins. I love Erica, it is really sad that so many people in her life betrayed her. I am happy that she found Roman.
I enjoyed reading Roman and Erica’s love story. Erica was a successful woman who wanted to share her blessings with friends and family but in the background said friends and family weren’t satisfied with what she shared with them and their jealousy and betrayal towards Erica turned out to be their demise but still Erica’s family and her so called friend family blamed her. I just wish we could’ve seen their faces when they found out who was really behind all the chaotic mess and death that occurred.


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4.9/5309 ratings