An Archer’s Crusade By Griff Hosker

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An Archer’s Crusade (Lord Edward’s Archer series Book 3) By Griff Hosker


Book/Novel Author: Griff Hosker

Book/Novel Title: An Archer’s Crusade



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Griff Hosker has sold over a million books and I can see why!’ – Matthew Harffy, bestselling author of the Bernicia ChroniclesThe battle of Evesham is over, and Gerald War Bow is now the owner of a manor.But a leader of archers cannot rest for long. Lord Edward is on a mission to hunt down the remaining Simon de Montfort supporters and snuff out the last of the rebellions.When the rebel leaders prove harder to eliminate than the rest of the mob, Lord Edward is helped in his quest by Pope Adrian V. In thanks, he agrees to join the Crusades with King Louis IX of France. The so-called holy war is a complex and punishing pursuit, and Lord Edward needs help in defeating the Mamluks. He calls upon his trusted comrade Gerald to lead a crusade of his own, to enlist the aid of Abaqa Khan, a Mongol leader and much needed ally. With miles of Muslim-controlled land to cross, can Gerald make the journey unscathed, and will his efforts help to turn the war?Packed with exhilarating action and historical detail, An Archer’s Crusade will delight fans of Giles Kristian and Matthew Harffy.


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