An Orc at College 2 By Liam Lawson

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An Orc at College 2: A Contemporary Sword and Sorcery Harem Fantasy By Liam Lawson


Book/Novel Author: Liam Lawson

Book/Novel Title: An Orc at College 2



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Summary & Review

Trorm Coldstorm is an orcish foreign exchange student attending college to learn wizardry on a football scholarship. The plan was simple. Play football, learn magic, stay out of trouble. Nothing has gone as planned.
Things are finally turning around for Trorm when Nymal’s sister shows up demanding help casting an illegal and dangerous spell that can manipulate time. When both Trorm and Nymal refuse, things go horribly wrong. Now there’s a monster on the loose with the ability to shove people backwards in time, reverting them to who they used to be and carrying a deep hatred for Trorm.
And one of Trorm’s most trusted allies turns out to have a very dark past… **





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