An Orc at College 5 By Liam Lawson

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An Orc at College 5: A Contemporary Sword and Sorcery Harem Fantasy By Liam Lawson


Book/Novel Author: Liam Lawson

Book/Novel Title: An Orc at College 5

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Trorm has a plan. Together with his fiancés, he is beginning to build a life for them in Aflana. But if there’s one thing that Trorm has learned since starting his college career, it’s that everyone has a past, and Winnie’s now threatens to destroy everything he’s started to build.
Trorm’s never asked about where Winnie learned to pick locks or why she’s so comfortable with violence. An obsessive ex-boyfriend and a crime boss with ties to the Ouroboros Society Trorm has been working to infiltrate blow the lid off her secret history and put everyone Trorm loves in danger again.
But the biggest threat to Trorm and the women he loves comes from a direction he never anticipated.

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