An Orc at College 6 By Liam Lawson

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An Orc at College 6: A Contemporary Sword and Sorcery Harem Fantasy By Liam Lawson


Book/Novel Author: Liam Lawson

Book/Novel Title: An Orc at College 6

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Trorm’s conflict with the Ouroboros Society comes to a climactic head.
All of his plans, and even his freedom, hinges upon his upcoming hearing where he will give testimony against the cabal. If he can make it there…
The cabal has no intention of allowing Trorm to do any further damage and they are throwing everything they can at Trorm, including eldritch horrors, enslaved sorcerers, and corrupt Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
With law itself twisted against him, Trorm’s only hope lays in the hands of a woman who tried to kill him.

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