An Outcast in Another World By Kamikaze Potato

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An Outcast in Another World: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure (Book 1 – Human Insanity) By Kamikaze Potato


Book/Novel Author: Kamikaze Potato

Book/Novel Title: An Outcast in Another World



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Rob didn’t think of himself as anyone special, but when a pitch-black portal tried to wrap his best friend in chains, he stepped up without thinking and found himself ensnared instead. His moment of heroism results in being torn away from everyone he knew and loved, kidnapped by an unknown force that leaves him with a note in his pocket stating: “Good luck.”After being thrown into the wilderness of Elatra, a hostile fantasy world ruled by levels, stats, progression, and bizarre video game logic, he finds himself entirely out of his depth. Armed with nothing but a sword and the clothes on his back, he sets out on his the first day, and almost dies. On the second day, he almost dies again. On the third, he began to notice a worrying trend. And almost dies.It doesn’t get any easier from there.Overcoming the wilds is just the first step in his journey; the society of Elatra is incredibly hostile to humans, having just come off of a devastating war that left over half the population dead, and getting the locals to trust the last human in existence is a struggle in and of itself. Between being powerless in a world that hates him and suffering under a System that is altering his mind in unwanted ways, Rob quickly finds that monsters aren’t nearly the biggest thing to worry about.As far as LitRPG isekai adventures go, Rob drew the short straw in many ways. But that’s okay – all the bullshit in the world won’t keep him down. He’ll carve out a place in this world with his bare hands if necessary. He’ll survive, and then he’ll thrive.Whether anyone wants him to or not.Read more
This is quite literally what I was looking for when I was choosing what book to read. The story was fantastic and I look forward to the second book, which I will be purchasing after leaving this review. I liked that the author gave the stats of the players, but I never really read them fully, just skimmed over them. That being said, even though I skimmed passed them, I still enjoyed it. It gave me a better since of character development and progression I think. I also should say, I do not generally read books, but when I do, I don’t put them down. I finished this one in 3 days with probably only 3 or 4 hours for each day. I often had to force myself to put it down otherwise I would be staying up way to late and not just late. ;P Take my advice, purchase this one, you will enjoy the read.
I enjoyed the book. I hope its gonna be a long story I’m happy book 2 it out already I hope 3 comes out fast
I normally finish every book I start reading and normally within the week but I had serious troubles with this one and called it quits.
A good book that caters to both those who love stat heavy books and those who are more story oriented
Real. Just real. No person instantly adapting to circumstances. No instantly becoming super powerful.Just the actions of an adult human thrust into an absurd and dangerous situation. Refusing to give up and refusing to allow themselves the false promise of not feeling. Immensely well written.
Well written.Excellent character interactions that did not feel like the author’s own voice. Uplifting,humorous,and poignant.Adventures galore and a normal MC


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4.9/5309 ratings