Anarchy at Prescott High By C.M. Stunich

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Anarchy at Prescott High (The Havoc Boys Book 4) By C.M. Stunich


Book/Novel Author: C.M. Stunich

Book/Novel Title: Anarchy at Prescott High

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There’s one mistake you don’t make at Prescott High, not unless you want me to ruin you.Do not touch my beautifully broken Havoc Boys.Harbin, Fadler, Channing-Blackbird, Montauk, and Park.Death stalks the halls of Prescott High.Once upon a time, my best friend betrayed me. For over a year, I let that two-faced bitch go.But not anymore.This time, she’s stirred up the devil in me.We’re finishing up my list; we’re setting our sights higher; we’re taking control of this city.The VGTF, the detective, the pretty young cop.It doesn’t matter.Because we are Havoc, and I no longer have limits.My boys have corrupted me, and we’re more than happy to bathe in the blood of our enemies.ANARCHY AT PRESCOTT HIGH is a 130,000 word mature high school/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. It has brief flashbacks of past bullying incidents as well as foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book four of five in the series.

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4.9/5309 ratings