Ancient Retribution By Katie Reus

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Ancient Retribution (Ancients Rising Book 5) By Katie Reus


Book/Novel Author: Katie Reus

Book/Novel Title: Ancient Retribution



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A dragon princess once lost…Juniper hunts down the most dangerous criminals on her black ops missions—and she’s good at it. A dragon shifter who was raised by wolves, she doesn’t know her birth clan and gave up trying to find them a hundred years ago. Since The Fall, when rogue dragons razed half the planet, she’s spent her days hunting down supernaturals who think they can escape justice, delivering her own. During a dangerous mission, she falls into the claws of a sexy warrior dragon adjusting to the modern world—and from the start she knows she’s in trouble.Is now found…Dragon shifter warrior Zephyr doesn’t fit into this new world. He doesn’t feel like he fits in anywhere—until he meets Juniper and her crew. He knows from the moment he sees the sexy and brave female dragon that they’re destined to be together. Unfortunately, life just got a whole lot more complicated. Not only are they in the fight of their lives against an overwhelming enemy force, but she’s royalty and her long-lost clan has come to bring her home. Even as they fight side by side to save hundreds of humans, he knows that winning her heart will be the hardest and most pivotal battle he’s ever waged. Juniper doesn’t want to get mated, doesn’t trust anyone with her heart—but this is one battle Zephyr will never stop fighting.Author note: Though part of a series, this book may be read as a stand-alone, complete with HEA.

An ancient that was in hibernation, upon waking Zephyr finds Juniper, who he is sure is his mate. Both are dragon shifters but Juniper is Black Ops without a past, and was raised by wolves. Juniper and Zephyr’s story is one hot action packed story that was hard to put down. As in all of the books in the Ancients Rising series, each are standalone reads and real page turners for readers of the genre. **I was gifted “Ancient Retribution” via NetGalley, leaving my review based on my reading.** 5 Stars!
It flows well and keeps ones attention . The characters are varied and all fiction with love and care for others in need. I enjoyed the book and as I have all her books; as they flow well and have good plots. Enjoy an escape into adventure and justice.
Ancients Rising book 5. This is Zephyr and Juniper story. It was a fanfreakingtasic read. From beginning to end brilliant. Zephyr returned from the hell relam to his family but feels kinda odd man or rather dragon out. So he kinda is looking for his purpose. He finds Juniper. Juniper and her crew is black ops on a mission. She doesn’t remember her past. They fit together without even trying. However they must fight some really bad guys and their past issues to be together. This book is twisty, hopeful, funny, dramatic, angsty and tingle worthy on level 10. Love seeing King and crew and also Vega and the Mississippi crew.
This is a great addition to the ancient rising. It explains more and shows a further understanding of the people there and also it was nice hearing more about Hunter.
Thank you for NetGalley and KR press for this earcI’m sad to say this book wasn’t for me. At allI was so bored the whole time. I found the finding and killing of the bad guys was something like “oh look bad guys. Kills. Leaves. End of story”. I don’t care how cool your main hang is. What’s the point of having the bad guys if they’re just useless?Plot was just meh and I would overlook that if the relationship between main two characters wasn’t just off for me?Even though technically they didn’t sleep with each other until 85% into the book, I felt like that’s ALL they were thinking about. And honestly, it was just annoying. I didn’t feel the emotional connection between them at all.I found the build up about Juniper’s memories and the “big reveal” fell flat for me. All the “omg. Who stole my memories?” And exactly half a page and killing of her cousin behind the scenes? No, thank you.Another part of this book I didn’t enjoy was the random chapters about other characters and their relationships. It wasn’t enough for me to care about them and the way they were places in the story only made me feel disconnected from the main relationship even more.


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