Another College Love Story By Shvonne Latrice

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Another College Love Story By Shvonne Latrice


Book/Novel Author: Shvonne Latrice

Book/Novel Title: Another College Love Story



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Girl meets man. Man likes girl. Girl meets boy. Boy also likes girl.Yasmean Haley has left her hometown hoping to get some new perspective and to escape a toxic relationship with an ex who has betrayed her in more ways than she actually knows. But what’s a girl to do when the one place she’s escaped to, that being the all black school Hughmoore College, throws her right into the middle of a risky and forbidden love triangle?This is a standalone novel.
This was an incredible read! I am a new reader/fan and can’t wait to read other books by Shvonne! And laaaawd, Omere was written so beautifully!
I enjoyed this book. I loved how the story flowed. That damn Professor Wood though was something else. Good love story though.
Not to big on stand alone books but this was a great read! Shvonne u always bring that I love the way the story played out & its definitely a daily factor in today’s society from high school on up to cooperate America although Yas started off naive she really bought it home when it mattered! Another great hit added to my list Awesome Job!!!
This was such an awesome read. Professor was a very busy person and I’m glad he got his karma. Khadia could have caught these hands because she really had no reason to not like Yasmean in the beginning. Yasmean’s ex got his karma too! Omere and Yas made such a cute couple once they finally got on the same page and so was Dulcie and Darren even though she gave him a hard time.
I couldn’t put this book down. Just when I thought it was going one way it made a turn. That professor was something serious.
This was not your typical shvonne Latrice read, matter of fact it was better than her usual read which is typically disrespectful gang bangers, so this was different and refreshing.


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