Anvil Dark By J.N. Chaney

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Anvil Dark (Backyard Starship Book 3) By J.N. Chaney


Book/Novel Author: J.N. Chaney

Book/Novel Title: Anvil Dark



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The guild is under attack, and Van is right in the middle of it all.When Master Yewlo is abducted by unknown forces, the Peacemakers are thrown into chaos as the rescue mission begins. Finding Yewlo will be hard, but the search reveals secrets the guild might not survive—secrets about a system so corrupt, it will take Van and his team’s best efforts to untangle the truth.And they might not like what they find.On the grimy station known as Halcyon, Van will track and confront thieves who deal in stolen lives, all in order to save a Master who might not have the guild’s best interest at heart. With Sorcerers and Cloaks and every other kind of criminal, Van, Torina, Perry and Icky learn that friends come in all shapes and sizes—and so do enemies.From the depths of space to Iowa, join Van as he fights to save his guild, free stolen lives, and discover that money makes the universe go around—money and lies, that is.And Van will find the truth, no matter what the cost.
A good old fashioned romp through space. We got sheriff’s we got villains we have damsels who don’t need rescuing. Seriously this story is engageing I thouroly enjoyed it. I believe that you will too.
Just when I think I have figured out Van’s next move, I am surprised when he comes at it a different way. It’s time to start looking for the sequel!
Enjoying the thoughts and concepts if what it might be like for Humans out in the larger picture of space and its many possibilities. Live the humor and character building.
Very much enjoyed first three book in series. Cannot wait for next book in series. Easy to read and enjoyable characters. Would recommend this series to anyone.
I really enjoyed reading this series. I look forward to more of the same! I am going to see what else is available.
Quite an adventure for a novice Space Man. I enjoy the stories and outcome. I love happy endings. Good time investment.


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4.9/5309 ratings