Apocalypse Knights 1 By DB King

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Apocalypse Knights 1: A LitRPG Fantasy By DB King


Book/Novel Author: DB King

Book/Novel Title: Apocalypse Knights 1



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The apocalypse is coming… can one war hero stop it?Maximo Strident, war veteran and member of local law enforcement, never wanted to enter the dungeon. With promises of wealth beyond his imagination, his squad mates managed to convince him.Max isn’t a Knight, so he has no magical equipment or spells that could help him against monsters. What he does have, however, are the sword forms he learnt at the Blade Academy. These forms are formidable martial arts that make him the match of Level 0 monsters. But Level 99 monsters? He doesn’t stand a chance.When something goes horribly wrong inside the dungeon, Max meets the legendary hero: Artur Brightblade. This hero grants him something he never dreamed of: a unique class and the ability to become a Knight.Armed with this new class and the powers it provides, Maximo is going to clean up the Knights-Errant and solve the mystery of the dungeon. He’ll have to learn how to cast spells, work within a cohort, level up most effectively, and craft wargear worthy of his class. If he doesn’t, the apocalypse will destroy everything he knows and loves.
I found the beginning a bit awkward, but worth getting through. The leveling system is different and interesting, with cool extras for the hero. Could use some balancing, which seems set up for the next book.
The author continuously attempts to use uncommon and grandiose words that he/she doesn’t know the meaning of or that simply don’t fit the rest of the narrative. It’s like a child trying to sound grown up. Without the cuteness of age. The dialogue is like old school plays. All high drama that just falls flat, or is awkward and embarrassing. I’m still going to continue reading because the world and storyline is interesting enough to be curious about what happens.
Max didnt realize diving into a simple level 1 dungeon would cost him his career as an enforcer, and the loss of so many lives, but ultimately, it set him on a new path. Book 1 has setup a fantastic world, and a lot of potential storylines. Looking forward to seeing where the author takes this!
I enjoyed the book and I look forward to the next book in the series. I could do without the spirit familiar myself but it won’t keep me from reading the series.
This is the first book I have read by this author. I was hesitant, but the further I read the more I truly enjoyed the story. The main character is different, and very believable at the same time. He is a veteran with PTSD and not in the best od situations. Take a chance and read this book!


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4.9/5309 ratings