Apologies That Never Came By Pierre Alex Jeanty

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Apologies That Never Came By Pierre Alex Jeanty


Book/Novel Author: Pierre Alex Jeanty

Book/Novel Title: Apologies That Never Came

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With massive social media followings and a loyal fan base, Jeanty is poised for great success for his sixth poetry collection entitled Apologies That Never Came. In this series of prose and poetry, both the words and sentiment are simple, uninterrupted by excess flair or complexity.Apologies That Never Came dissects the agony of heartbreak and loss through the unexpressed words and feelings; what is left over at the end. While his poems and prose delve into pain, they ultimately transcend that heartbreak, awakening everyone’s preexisting strength and capacity for growth. Much like in his previous collections, Jeanty has successfully created a tool for unity and healing out of the torment of his experiences.  

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