Apparently There Were Complaints By Sharon Gless

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Apparently There Were Complaints: A Memoir By Sharon Gless


Book/Novel Author: Sharon Gless

Book/Novel Title: Apparently There Were Complaints



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Emmy Award–winning actress Sharon Gless tells all in this laugh-out-loud, juicy, “unforgettably memorable” (Lily Tomlin) memoir about her five decades in Hollywood, where she took on some of the most groundbreaking roles of her time.Anyone who has seen Sharon Gless act in Cagney & Lacey, Queer as Folk, Burn Notice, and countless other shows and movies, knows that she’s someone who gives every role her all. She holds nothing back in Apparently There Were Complaints, a hilarious, deeply personal memoir that spills all about Gless’s five decades in Hollywood. A fifth-generation Californian, Sharon Gless knew from a young age that she wanted to be an actress. After some rocky teenage years that included Sharon’s parents’ divorce and some minor (and not-so-minor) rebellion, Gless landed a coveted spot as an exclusive contract player or Universal Studios. In 1982, she stepped into the role of New York Police Detective Christine Cagney for the series Cagney & Lacey, which eventually reached an audience of 30 million weekly viewers and garnered Gless with two Emmy Awards. The show made history as the first hour-long drama to feature two women in the leading roles. Gless continued to make history long after Cagney & Lacey was over. In 2000, she took on the role of outrageous Debbie Novotny in Queer as Folk. Her portrayal of a devoted mother to a gay son and confidant to his gay friends touched countless hearts and changed the definition of family for millions of viewers. Apparently There Were Complaints delves into Gless’s remarkable career and explores Gless’s complicated family, her struggles with alcoholism, and her fear of romantic commitment as well as her encounters with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Brutally honest and incredibly relatable, Gless puts it all out on the page in the same way she has lived—never with moderation.
This was a great book. I had no idea about Sharon’s life, didn’t watch Cagney & Lacey or Burn Notice but I was absolutely obsessed with Queer As Folk.what an interesting life she led. I recommend this highly.
Not only is Sharon Gless a wonderful actress, she is a wonderful writer, too! I thoroughly enjoyed reading her book. I laughed, shed tears and was unable to put this book down. As a Cagney and Lacey fan, this was a must read for me! Thank you Sharon! Well done!

Christine Cagney was my childhood hero. She was a cop, tough, independent and beautiful. On Monday nights I would put my radio under my pillow and listen to the drama unfold (bedtime was earlier on schoolnights so I had to be sneaky). I felt betrayed when Cagney started going to AA meetings. Soon I was in rehab myself – but that’s where our similarities ended. When I learned that the actress that played my childhood hero had recently released a memoir, I immediately downloaded the kindle version. The introduction left me laughing – it seems Gless has the kind of irreverent humor that I appreciate – and I knew I was in for a good romp. I sure was. While the part about her childhood in LA was a bit hard to read (think, poor little rich girl is still bitter about the past), this was still good in that I loved the characters in her family, especially Grimmy (her grandmother), who as it turns out moved to New Hampshire. It seems whether she was talking about singing to her other grandmother, or about her career, it was clear Gless was destined to be a performer. Her passion for entertainment is alive in these pages. I loved learning about her journey up to Cagney & Lacey, her life on the set, and her life after as well (especially about her time on Queer as Folk). I roared put loud when I read of her time as Annie in the London stage version of Misery, when she wrote of the night the severed prosthetic flew into the audience. I also enjoyed reading of her personal life – her relationships, her own escapades with and without alcohol, and the way her memoir found its title. I guess there WERE complaints! All in all, an enjoyable read, by an actress I truly admire.


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