Arcane Call By Pedro Urvi

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Arcane Call: (Path of the Ranger Book 13) By Pedro Urvi


Book/Novel Author: Pedro Urvi

Book/Novel Title: Arcane Call



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An arcane call draws the Panthers into a new mystery. One of great danger and importance.The Panthers resume their duties as Rangers upon leaving the Refuge.A new mystery of foremost importance will be revealed to them.They will have to undertake a mission as complicated as it is risky.Will they manage to survive the mission? Will they solve the mystery?Find out while living fascinating adventures with a group of unique characters that will make you fall in love.Enjoy some adventures full of action, adventure, magic and romance!Epic fantasy for the whole family
The past few books have had SUCH a slow moving plot line, not like books 1-8ish. This book was probably 1/2 of a plot that was incredibly slow moving and going no where. Then when the actual excitement part of the book hit the book was over. To be honest, this book and the last book could have easily been combined to 1 book if all the slow parts were removed.It feels like the author is cranking out books (specific books 10-this one) to crank them out and not putting much effort into a plot.
I’ve read or listened to all books in the series and this one feels like the slowest of them all. Some of the adventures ended up being kinda neat and some seemed unnecessary. I guess it’s to give some character building. Then some parts seemed rushed. This might be my least favorite of the series so far. It’s still entertaining and pretty good but I don’t think it lived up to the other books.
After reading these last 12 books I could not believe that there was more to the stories. But I was not to be disappointed. Can’t wait to read the next one.
I’m so glad I discovered this series years ago and have been following the fantastic Snow Panthers’ adventures ever since. This series is everything! Tragedy, drama, action, mystery, magic, family, friendship… the list goes on.Arcane Call was wonderful. I enjoy the new escapades that the Snow Panthers unwittingly find themselves in. I can’t wait for
Love all the characters in the book. They all have their own unique way of fighting and loving and friendship. Cant wait for the next book.
This was one rambling book. There was so much of it, and the same thing being told over and over I almost gave up reading it. Only my interest in Lasgols story kept me going. It’s getting a bit random now. Having read the books that were a few years after this, I know what is going on somewhat. Guess I’ll still read next one.


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