Arcanist By Terry Mancour

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Arcanist: Book Twelve of the Spellmonger Series By Terry Mancour


Book/Novel Author: Terry Mancour

Book/Novel Title: Arcanist

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A Belligerent SpringBeing the most powerful wizard in the world can be a challenge.After defending his fledgling realm against the undead lord Gaja Katar all winter long, Count Minalan of the Magelaw faces a new threat in the spring: the Nemovort Shakathet, favored of Korbal, leading the mighty hordes out of the Penumbra.This time Minalan faces a real strategist, who drives his armies with purpose and efficiency.This time, the road to war leads through Megelin Castle and the vulnerable lands to the south of Vanador.This time, old enemies become allies, and old friends become valuable assets.Just another month in the life of the Spellmonger.War, however, is not what is preoccupying Minalan; the knowledge of the end of the world is.As he broods on existential issues and debates with various goddesses and Alka Alon about Calidore’s fate, he must overcome his own fears and anxieties and impose order on the situation before everything goes into the chamberpot.The solution? Hire an Arcanist, a specialist in the obscure and trivial, to organize and investigate the many matters Minalan has to manage and bring them to order.A busy wizard needs good organization to get it all done, after all, so Minalan hires Heeth the Butler to dive into the details while he prepares to fight the darkness.That buys the Spellmonger time to hunt down spies, taunt the Count of Nion into invading the Magelaw, lend aid to the sister realm of the Wilderlaw, who face their own war against the darkness, indulge his wife’s desire for cheesemaking, make staffing decisions, ferret out a plot to betray him by one of his vassals, and occasionally lead a special forces squadron of high-powered warmagi into battle, which is convenient.He also gets help from a wisecracking bard with a talent for espionage, an ancient intelligence who is suddenly mobile, and an insistent cow goddess, but each new ally is fraught with problems of their own.An obsessive know-it-all with a rare talent for obscure trivia is the right man in the right job.Who knew that the Spellmonger just needed an . . . ARCANIST!

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