Ascendance of a Bookworm By Miya Kazuki

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Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 4 Volume 3 By Miya Kazuki


Book/Novel Author: Miya Kazuki

Book/Novel Title: Ascendance of a Bookworm



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After reuniting with Ferdinand and the others, Rozemyne returns to the temple and assiduously resumes her duties as the High Bishop. There is much for her to do—whether that be participating in the Dedication Ritual, supporting the printing industry, attending numerous meetings, or tackling a mountain of paperwork—and she soon finds her days as busy as ever.Even as winter starts drawing to a close, Rozemyne’s world continues to change. The conclusion to her first year in the Royal Academy sees her forced into a tea party with all the other duchies, and the sixth-years among her retainers prepare to graduate. Discussions even begin to focus on Rozemyne’s future engagement, which will one day play a crucial role in the growth of the duchy.This is a biblio-fantasy that keeps pressing forward, with a promise to fulfill distant dreams that are close to heart! Includes two original short stories and four-panel manga by You Shiina!
Wonderful as always. I keep hoping she’ll get engaged to Ferdie not Wilfried. I am not a fan of his but the rest of the novel is great!
Basically this is a book in which Rosemyne final start to take the steps needed to really interact with noble society but at the great cost. With all that being said Rosemyne goes basically out of her way to be a headache to everyone. Really funny read.
Building an increasingly captivating world with each chapter. Tears, descriptions and laughter at opportune times. Narratively consistent details amd development.
I don’t know if you’ll need a back rub, or some snacks, or maybe even a home cooked meal. But I would make it happen if I can get the next book out sooner. Great work!
I absolutely love this series and wait in anticipation for the next installment every couple months. I only have one complain/hope for the storyline ahead that ends up leading to her married to Ferdinand and not Wilfried. After everything she has gone through at least she can relax with Ferdinand considering he knows everything about her and is the only one that can match her mana capacity (which is really important for married couples in this universe). To be honest this right here will probably make or break this entire series for me personally. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story and will continue with it to see. Hopefully it will go in the direction I wish it to.
Great book Cried a bunch toward the end lol Love this series so very much Cant wait for the next one


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