Assets and Liabilities By Blake Banner

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Assets and Liabilities (Alex Mason Book 4) By Blake Banner


Book/Novel Author: Blake Banner

Book/Novel Title: Assets and Liabilities



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Multiple time USA TODAY & Amazon 5-million copy bestselling authors DAVID ARCHER and BLAKE BANNER have combined forces to create one hell of a thriller series!ODIN is an organization which is above top secret. It coordinates intelligence from the so-called Five Eyes The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – and it acts on that intelligence. For that reason it’s level of security is the highest on the planet.Or so they thought, until top ODIN agent Mira Finn was murdered in Paris, her tortured body dragged from the Seine. A handful of people knew she was in France, fewer than that knew what her mission was. Two of them were Alex Mason and Nero, the chief of Odin itself, the other two were General Patrick O’Connor, chief security advisor to the President, and the President himself.One of those four men was the traitor who had leaked Mira’s mission. Of the remaining three, only two were innocent. The other was the scapegoat.Alex Mason knew that was him. He was officially on the run and he had thirty-six hours to find the truth, clear his name and avert a global catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.
This series is nonstop espionage, action, and suspense! The possibilities fictionalized in these books are frightening to even consider, but very realistic with today’s technology! Kept me “turning pages” til the end!
From my perspective, this novel is futuristic and demonstrates that maybe one day a situation such as covered in the book could happen. Scary. That is why deterrents are important and leadership must never appease but be bold enough to make the right decision..
Not an improbable plot in the current political climate. Scary when I think that every country has power Hungary individuals both wealthy and political.

I enjoy these books written by two excellent authors. Some of the scenarios give me have the willies because they feel so realistic. This was such a story!
The book was a believable scenario in todays politics. The book was fast paced and hard hitting. Will follow this author.


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