At the Quiet Edge By Victoria Helen Stone

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At the Quiet Edge: A Novel By Victoria Helen Stone


Book/Novel Author: Victoria Helen Stone

Book/Novel Title: At the Quiet Edge



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A young mother has done everything possible to put the past behind her, but it might not be enough in a gripping novel of suspense by the Amazon Charts bestselling author of the Jane Doe novels.Abandoned by her fugitive ex-husband, Lily Brown is rebuilding her life on the edge of a Kansas town that still feels the sting of his crimes. Lily lies low, managing the isolated storage facility where she lives with her twelve-year-old son, Everett, and planning a better future for them both. That requires keeping secrets. Everett has them too.After breaking into a storage unit, Everett finds photographs and news clippings of five girls missing for decades. For Everett, it’s an adventure and a tempting mystery to solve. But digging further into a stranger’s obsession is putting Everett and his mother in the crosshairs of a killer.Then Lily’s ex resurfaces from the shadows. Just as suddenly, an attentive new man enters Lily’s life. And a suspicious detective, responding to reports of a prowler, watches every move Lily makes. It’s getting harder for Lily to know who to trust—or whose secrets pose the most frightening threat of all.
I enjoyed reading this book!These emotional characters were filled with a great amount of depth, their background gave so much more to the development of the storyline which is solid and a consistent page turner. The story flowed easily throughout the pages. A must read!
Very suspenseful, never guessed the criminal until almost the end just enough suspense at the end that kept me wanting to read and finish
I really don’t generally give less then 3 stars. But this was really disappointing.. Very slow anticlimactic through 70% of the book. Most thrillers leave you guessing and wondering as you read but this book had me ambivalent to any of that.. In fact, usually when I read a thriller I use my notes feature in the app to highlight certain things that I believe is a clue or some thing I should remember. I don’t recall doing that at all during this book…I would not recommend
I really enjoyed the book. I found it just a little predictable but it had some twists that made it so you didn’t want to put it down.
Very page turning to see the next twist. A very enjoyable story. WorthYour ti!me to read kept me up at nite
This book held my interest throughout. The characters seemed real and the situation believable. I recommend it to anyone wanting to follow a good story.


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4.9/5309 ratings