Autumn’s Trap By Mary Stone

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Autumn’s Trap (Autumn Trent FBI Mystery Series Book 9) By Mary Stone


Book/Novel Author: Mary Stone

Book/Novel Title: Autumn’s Trap



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Traps are meant to be deadly…will someone die in this one?The pieces of FBI Special Agent Autumn Trent’s life are finally coming together. Her relationship with SSA Aiden Parrish is on solid footing, and she’s finally filed suit against her prior boss for sexual harassment and assault.The only thing missing is her sister, the little girl who has haunted Autumn for so long. The siblings were forced apart in elementary school, but Autumn has never given up trying to find her.Never did she dream she’d discover her like this.Not only has Autumn’s long-lost sister surfaced in Florida, but she’s the primary suspect in a string of murders. Certain this may be her last chance to find her, Autumn rushes south, only to find that she’s vanished again.But Sarah didn’t flee. She’s the bait in an elaborate trap, and Autumn is the prey. With her sister in danger, Autumn puts her trust in the one man who can destroy her…and the entire team.Autumn’s Trap, the ninth book in Mary Stone’s Autumn Trent Series, is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride of a thriller right to the shocking finish.Scroll up to grab your copy today!
I found this book very tense and unexpected. A bit sentimental at the end. It looks like the end off the series

I have read all of Mary Stones books about Autumn and Winter. Keep it up. Can’t wait for the next one so thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. Your books keep getting better and better
I loved this book. I think it was the best of the Autumn Trent book so far. Can’t wait for book 10 to come out. I really can’t wait for the new Winter Black series also. Love ur writing. Thanks!
Very action filled twists and turns. Will good triumph over evil? Makes you keep reading to see if your favorite team members end up winners! A very excellent, can not put down read!!
One of the best yet. Simply couldn’t put down. I am so glad Autumn and Sarah are happy together, and foresee a new series with Emma Last??.. So much more openings for more books opening new options. We will all want to follow up. On winter and Noah. On Autumn and Aiden. Really reading these books, makes my heart go out to folks that have to work the street,or live on the street. I have to thank god every day that I lived in a small town, found a good man. I love all your books and really hope to see more.


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