Baby, It’s Cold Inside By Hunter King

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Baby, It’s Cold Inside By Hunter King & Flirt Club


Book/Novel Author: Hunter King

Book/Novel Title: Baby, It’s Cold Inside

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Sarah Vickers is nursing a badly broken heart after being dumped just before Christmas by a narcissistic man-child. She wants only to turn her brain and her heart off for a few days and take solace in the soothing hot springs at the Awtenbush Resort just outside of the picturesque village of Snowdon, MA.
Josh Temsik has a failing business, and the holiday cheer is way more than he can stand this year. He’s at Awtenbush to avoid the crowds, the decorations,and any kind of Christmas spirit, and intends to do his best to ignore everyone as he soaks his stress away.
When a Polar Vortex dumps three feet of snow on the resort and drops the temperature down near zero, the power grid goes down and leaves the resort with no electricity and no heat. Thrown together for survival, Sarah and Josh quickly discover their own method of heating things up.
**But is Sarah’s warmth enough to crack through Josh’s icy exterior? Will Josh prove to be the real man Sarah longs for?
And how is Santa Claus is involved in getting these two together?**
*It’s the holiday season, and the Flirt Club authors have a flirty new short story collaboration to deck your halls.
Meet the six scrooges of Snowdon, a quaint Massachusetts town that goes all out for the winter holidays. If only there were something or someone that could melt these scrooges’ holiday humbug and help them find something to love about the holidays.
Hang those stockings, trim that tree, and get your hot cocoa ready for the Sleeping With the Scrooge series. ** *

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