Bad Bear Day By Milly Taiden

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Bad Bear Day (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 35) By Milly Taiden


Book/Novel Author: Milly Taiden

Book/Novel Title: Bad Bear Day



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Jasmine has given up on ever being able to find the right man, but Gerri Wilder challenges her to take a chance. Her blind date with Austin is virtually perfect, but Jasmine remains unconvinced. She’s been lied to, cheated on, and hurt more times than she can count.Austin will have to come up with some creative ways to ensure he sees the raven-haired beauty again. He’ll romance her and prove that he’s the man of her dreams just like she’s the one for him. After all, Jasmine is the billionaire bear shifter’s mate. And this bear won’t be denied.On the road to their happily ever after, they find things aren’t easy. There’s just a few little complications, including a trio of disapproving elders, a polar bear challenger, and an unhinged stalker… but Austin won’t let just any old bad bear day stop him from protecting what’s his.
The author continues to bring new and funny ways to bring couples together, and raise the steam between them!
Bad Bear Day: Paranormal Dating Agency Book 35 By Milly Taiden Kindle unlimited purchase Gerri 100% the best at what she does. Finding people their mate and this couple is the next to find theirs. Jasmine and Austin’s story. Jasmine has had it ruff in the dating life. Kurt her ex was caught cheating on her. So, when Gerri said she wanted to fix her up on a blind date she wanted to say no. But Gerri isn’t a person that takes no for an answer. This is book 35 in this series as of now there’s 44 books in the series. I recommend starting with book one you will get to read how Gerri finds and helps her couples find their HEA. Each book in this LONG running series is a great read. 35 books and the series is STILL going strong.
Austin is only a blind date to Jasmin, but to Austin she’s his mate and only woman he’ll ever want and love for the rest of his life.
So I normally love the stories in this series nut this one missed its mark. Austin didn’t carry himself like an alpha and Jasmine was nauseating. Sorry ‍♀️On to next one. Hopefully it’ll be much better. Nevertheless I brought all the other stories because I can’t have an unfinished series in my collection.
It’s everything you expect from this series which makes sense since it’s the 35th book, but the author manages to stick to a winning formula without it feeling completely stale which is more than a little surprising. You also get more of the “happily ever after” than is usual for the genre, which I for one appreciate
Jasmine is done with dating. Austin is ready to find his mate. Funny, sweet, sexy and a dangerous stalker. No cliffhanger and happy ever after. Standalone but great series.


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