Bastien Nikolaev By Naomi West

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Bastien Nikolaev: A Russian Mafia Romance (Nikolaev Bratva Book 3) By Naomi West


Book/Novel Author: Naomi West

Book/Novel Title: Bastien Nikolaev



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The Bratva came in the night and set the place on fire.I thought it was my chance to finally escape this awful mob-owned club.Goodness gracious, was I wrong.Because the man pounding at the door is not a knight in shining armor, here to liberate this damsel in distress from her nightmare.More like the polar freaking opposite.Bastien Nikolaev, the new don of Miami’s Nikolaev Bratva, is moody, broody, with a bad attitude-y.And now, he’s decided that I belong to him.I’d call it the worst night of my life, but I’d be lying.All the worst nights are yet to come.BASTIEN NIKOLAEV is Book 3 in the Nikolaev Bratva trilogy. The story of the Nikolaev brothers begins in Book 1, DMITRY NIKOLAEV, and Book 2, GAVRIIL NIKOLAEV.
Writer should do more research on things she writes about ie. Guns…she calls the muzzle a nozzle. She is also repetitive between books using the term “marionette strings” be more imaginative!
In general I enjoyed the book but it felt like Bastien lost track of who and what he was. There could have been so much more to the storyline and instead it felt like an easy way out.
I was so excited going into this book because I just knew that Bastien, the quiet scary one, would be the ultimate anti-hero and he did not disappoint! First, while this book is a standalone like all in the Nikolaev Bratva trilogy, I really enjoyed reading them in order and felt they added to each story. But you don’t miss a ton if you skip right to this one. Bastien has moved to Miami and is working take down the Cubans (who killed his dad) when he encounters Melissa during a raid in the club where she “works” (she’s more like a slave since she’s been their captive for 10 years). The Bratva doesn’t purposefully kill women so he takes her with and locks her in his basement. Doesn’t sound like she’s traded one situation for a better one, but Melissa is relieved to be away from the people who killed her mother. As hard as Bastien tries, he can’t keep his usual brusque, cold demeanor around Melissa and she slowly breaks down his walls. Add in his meddling mother Vanna, who continues to insist he needs a woman and it’s a recipe for an amazing mafia romance. I have really enjoyed reading these books by Naomi West- she interjects suspense, action and doses of humor throughout that make her books hard to put down! I can’t wait see what she brings us next!.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Melissa has been captive of the Cuban mafia since childhood. Bastien is helping his brothers exterminate the Cuban mafia after they killed their uncle. After burning the club down he finds Melissa and decides to take her with him. The two become close and the heat is fierce between them. A good read and the last brother’s story.I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am leaving a review.
5 Stars for Bastien Nikolaev by Naomi WestThis is Book 3 of the Nikolaev BratvaI think the author saved the best brother for last ! Maybe because Bastien seems never to care much or for any female past a one night stand. His power move from Boston to Miami to overcome the Cuban’s hold on his Uncle’s former territory has him taking Melissa as prisoner. WOW do sparks fly mostly because of her sassy comeback’s constantly needling Bastien.Great storyline and plot with some great twistsAwesome charactersSteamHappily Ever AfterLoved this book as I recommend the series. Naomi West is a favorite writer of mine in mafia setting !I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
This was a good series. All 3 brothers, Dmitry, Gavriil and Bastien are all alpha males and their women Hannah, Shannon and Melissa are strong women determined to hold their own. And Mama Vanna, your gonna love this mama bear! All 3 stories have HEA but getting there is an adventure. The stories touch on some tough subjects and strong situations but you’ll laugh and cry along with them.


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