Bastion By Phil Tucker

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Bastion (Immortal Great Souls Book 1) By Phil Tucker


Book/Novel Author: Phil Tucker

Book/Novel Title: Bastion



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Scorio will rise from the ashes to conquer the ten layers of hell.Reborn without memories, Scorio learns that he is a Great Soul, a legendary defender of the ancient city of Bastion. That within the hallowed halls of the Academy and under the stern eyes of the underworld’s greatest instructors he will enjoy enormous privilege, rediscover unique and wondrous powers, and one day return to the millennium-old battle against their infernal foes.Until he is betrayed. Singled out and sentenced to die for crimes he can’t remember, Scorio is hurled to his doom—and forgotten.But from even the dimmest spark an inferno may one day rage.Clawing his way back from oblivion, Scorio vows to return to the Academy at any cost. To emerge from the ruins and within those golden walls defeat his elite classmates in a quest to ascend the ranks and change the course of history. For only then will he learn about his forgotten past, and why his enemies have rightly feared him since the day he was reborn.
Awesome start to a new series, looking forward to the next one so I can continue reading to see how Scorio does moving forward.
I had been looking for the right book to lose myself to for a while now. Nothing was scratching the itch like the Cradle series did. Then a random comment on reddit led me to this little gem. I devoured this book in 5 days. What a joy this was. I love the magic system. I love the world. I love the mystery. The characters ended up gelling so well together. Cant wait for further installments. They will definitely be first day purchases in the future, Mr Tucker, please please keep em coming!!
I enjoyed this book immensely. The world and plot was unique, the characters were well developed and changed over time and with experiences, and the humor was delightful. I am very excited for the next installment in this series.
Great start to the series. It might seem slow paced but it adds more details and depth to the story. Very enjoyable read, even though it’s not a short book i didn’t want it to end. Can’t wait for the next one.
The ending was amazing , never expected it . Twist and turns and . Reminds people how friendship should be and trust
Well worth the time to read it. I’m ready for book two. When you get down to it. Naomi is my favorite.


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