Battle Stations By John Hindmarsh

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Battle Stations: Jack Foster Space Opera (Jack Foster Space Opera Series Book 4) By John Hindmarsh


Book/Novel Author: John Hindmarsh

Book/Novel Title: Battle Stations



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Battle Stations is book four in the Jack Foster Space Opera series – another rocketing read. Or should that be – another riveting read?It’s difficult to retain your focus – and indeed, your life – when Ghost is trying to strangle and freeze you at the same time. He’s tried it before and failed. Will he succeed this time?Who is attempting to attack Fearless? Count them.The native species on Jack’s Planet are protecting Jack and in turn, Jack has undertaken to stop the illegal mining that is polluting the atmosphere and the planet – his planet.He stopped it, that’s for sure. A major—and angry—GalFed corporation is complaining about the destruction of their multi-billion credit mining operation. They’ll complain more when they discover Jack is confiscating the refined ore they’ve so industriously accumulated.GalFed Space Navy starships are more than interested. Fortunately, the Black Company’s destroyers provide support for Jack.An alien starship has been searching for Jack and it too, arrives. A Blue Cap admiral tries to demote General Van de Huis in an effort to weaken Jack’s protection of the planet.Space is getting crowded.Jack’s making enemies faster than he’s making friends. Well, almost.Jack Foster Senior is surprised when an old acquaintance arrives on another starship. She’s responsible for classifying the intelligent species as non-intelligent, opening the planet up to predators. Sparks fly.Jack and his retinue from his planet are summoned to Bester II to present his case for ownership of Jack’s Planet. It’s the Blue Caps against Jack Foster.The story might be complex, but the excitement continues.Another epic space opera story from an established and best-selling Amazon author.
I like this series. It’s interesting and well written.I do like the characters very much.Pretty decent over all.
I cannot think of anything I disliked. Maybe some readers new to syfy would be put off by the technology in use in this series, or the varied life forms presented. I find all this to be interesting… after a lifetime of being emersed in this genera I find I am intrigued. Guess I started reading syfy at around age 10 and I’m now 82. That’s a whole whell of a lot of books. Now on to the next in this series.
It was a fast moving story and it kept me interested through all four of the books. The only negative is, I can not find the book”You Don’t Know Jack”

Recommend to all. Nice storylineGood characters. Will read the follow up as soon as possible Suggest reading for all ages.
Great reads. Enjoyed all 4 books. Looking forward to #5. Hope you all read this series as i have done.


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