Battlefield Reclaimer By David North

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Battlefield Reclaimer (Guardian of Aster Fall Book 1) By David North


Book/Novel Author: David North

Book/Novel Title: Battlefield Reclaimer



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***A LitRPG Progression Epic***

Across the world of Aster Fall, there are unique classes, but not all of them can be trained. They require quests and accomplishments that simply don’t exist in the world. Some say the World Law itself is broken and that the world is falling apart.

In comes Sam Hastern.

His family has been cursed by one of these classes for the last fifty years. No one has ever managed to level it, condemning them to the lowest paying jobs and life in a barren village.

The class is called Battlefield Reclaimer.

There’s one more little problem.

Sam’s about to have it even worse, when a dungeon exploration leaves him looking distinctly non-human.

*In this work, you’ll find leveling, crafting, experience-based progression, rare classes, evolving classes, and strange races.

The world runs on mana crystals, beast cores, spirit veins, alchemical pills, and enchantments. The environment is hostile and filled with monsters and elemental storms.
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Great read. Stuffed with details and back story. Something to sick your teeth into and get lost in. Hope the next in the series comes out soon.
I really enjoyed this book. Great characters and storyline. Very interesting premise. Needs more interaction between characters but otherwise very good.
Good characters and world system. Better than a lot of the other litrpg novels out there. Will be reading the second book for sure.
Over all amazingly well done. Interesting take on mechanics. Great character and plot development. Few areas got a little wordy and over explained a hair, but nothing excessive. Enough creative crafting and fighting to keep entire book entertaining, but well balanced.
The book was a phenomenal read. With so many litrpg authors now in the genre it’s rare to find an author who does world-building in an entirely different way. Definitely recommend
I personally like class/leveling books but they all to be the same thing over and over.I really enjoyed this book and was disappointed that book two isn’t out yet lol.Good read folks


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