Be My Last By Stacy Lane

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Be My Last (Triplets Book 3) by Stacy Lane


Book/Novel Author: Stacy Lane

Book/Novel Title: Be My Last

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Cam Labelle’s dad is at it again. He thinks his son is finally ready to move on after a tragedy years ago. Acquainted with the meddling tendencies that has trapped his brothers, Cam is smart enough to dodge that bullet. So when he’s sent to a pastry shop down the street from his bar, Cam recognizes the secret errand for what it is—a setup. Pies are sacrilegious in his family. That’s why he’s never stepped foot inside the local shop. But the new manager is reason enough to go back. Amada Ortiz is a chaotic allure that blows into your life and is only finished with you when she sees fit. Cam smiles and swaggers, and women melt. She’s definitely not immune and takes the effects as a personal challenge. He drives her crazy, more than she already is. Perhaps that’s why Cam accomplishes what no one else has—keeping her from skipping town. Amada is willing to wait as long as it takes for Cam to commit. But after she discovers how their pasts are tied, how can she expect him to forgive when he had a wife he will never forget? Cam already gave one woman all of his firsts. Will Amada be his last?

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