Beast Charming By Grace Goodwin

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Beast Charming By Grace Goodwin


Book/Novel Author: Grace Goodwin

Book/Novel Title: Beast Charming



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One dance with this ‘prince’ could cost her a job.Her freedom.Her life.Warlord Tane of Atlan is a warrior, not a prince.So why is he wearing these ridiculous white pants and gold-trimmed jacket?And gods help him, why are there hundreds of females in glittering gowns, circling like vultures, expecting him to dance?The human producers of the Bachelor Beast television show thought this would be a good idea; dress up an unmated Warlord like a fairytale prince, invite hundreds of eligible human women to a ‘Cinderella Ball’, turn on their cameras,and record everything.And then he sees her. His mate. The only female who can tame his beast.But…This princess wasn’t supposed to be at the ball. A borrowed ballgown. A stolen invitation. A friend in trouble. Everything is going according to plan…until she can no longer resist temptation.Surely one dance won’t hurt?Even a dance with a beast.Don’t miss this wild and twisted Cinderella story.One-Click now!

There’s just something so satisfying in an insta-love, fated mate story. Throw in the fact that Warlord Tane is not of Earth? All the better. And the angst, possessiveness, and claiming? Yep, it’s all there. If you’ve read the interstellar bride series so far, you are likely familar with the premise and it does not disappoint. These stories are always a favorite to jump to when I need a break from the darker stories I also read.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Oh I just love these books by Grace Goodwin. And this one was a real page turner. As a matter of fact I think this one is my favorite so far. Warlord teen is now the subject of the alien version of the bachelor. The big difference is he can take one with a no they are not his mate or the mate to his beast. Elena is trying to find a way in to the bachelor ball to bring Abby home. Abby is a little bit wild, and a very rich daughter of a not very nice man. Elena has to work fast to get her out of there before she is seen. What Elena hadn’t planned on is coming face-to-face with Tane. Where were these feelings coming from, and he was headed straight for her. Tane had found his mate , and his beast was ready to declare it to the world. First they had to get Abby out of there. Elena with her friend Dominique found Abby and with Tane’s help able to get her home. Abby‘s dad had other plans. Can Elena and Tane ever get their happily ever after? Their story was so much fun, amazing and sexy. A true test of friendship and love. And the ending was absolutely amazing.
Highly entertaining, emotionally thrilling, sweetly sexy and action-packed romantic adventure filled with desire, the struggle for true love and passion. An edge of your seat exciting journey from beginning to end and so hard to put down.
Elena is a genuine beauty, inside and out, who never expects to have a Cinderella moment when she tries to prevent the teenager she teaches from going too far in an effort to get her Dad’s attention.Tane isn’t sure why he agreed to dress up like a prince and greet hundreds of women at a ball. Unlike these women, he’s an alien who can scent his mate, and as a result knows his destiny hadn’t arrived when the introductions began.This done in one book is a great story about the things we do, not for ourselves, but for those around us, those we care about… the things we do because we know it will effect others, and we care enough to want to not only do what is right, but keep open avenues of hope and possibilities for others.I was gifted with a copy of this book and chose to share my review.
Another engaging Atlan sexy romance. Warlord Tane finally gets his own story with his perfect mate, Elena. Lots of characters from earlier stories.


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