Beast By Peter Benchley

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Beast By Peter Benchley


Book/Novel Author: Peter Benchley

Book/Novel Title: Beast



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“Makes the shark from “Jaws” look like a pet goldfish . . .” USA Weekend Straight from the cutting edge of science and the logs of ancient mariners comes an immense horror — a creature that rises up from the well of an ocean gone mad with an insatiable hunger and an endless lust to kill. One man leads a harrowing struggle to defeat the beast amid a threatened Bermuda paradise. His name is Whip Darling, a down-and-out sea dog who doesn’t know where he’ll get his next meal — or whether it will get him first. From the Paperback edition.
I knew I was getting it used, they no longer print this book, but I do wish I had known that the cover had a rip in it, I would have still gotten it but I would have liked to know beforehand.
I needed a book that kept me riveted and this was just the ticket! A fun vacation thriller ~loved it!
Novels are subjective so I am not going to review the story itself here, I mostly use goodreads for that.What is worth 5 stars to me is the condition of this first edition.This is a very nostalgic book for me and the fact that it is the 30th anniversary this year, I was very excited to find it for purchase.The jacket is nearly perfect with only slight creasing on the edge of the top cover and the spine is in taut, never read condition.A little overpriced for one of Benchley’s lesser known and more obscure titles but worth it for the collector in me.
Good book and pretty fast read. “Beast” is a great book for a break from either more difficult literature or political topics of today. It’s a great “burner” book that you will read in a few days. The characters are great as well, and it’s almost as good as The Deep and Jaws. Very satisfying read.
Beast really is a book taken from life. Peter Benchley went to Bermuda to hunt for giant squid, but fond that the creature, which never showed itself, was strong enough to cut through his baited steel cable lines and sink the buoys that kept them afloat. (You can read his biographic book “Shark Life” for more details on those adventures). As a result, it’s pretty accurate to most of his feats. There are some errors, though. Giant squid do not grow to 100 feet (more like 43 feet), nor do they have clawed suckers (their suckers do have teeth around the edges) and giant squid do not eat humans (as the few that have been encountered in shallow waters have not tried to attack people, nor are they vindictive or fierce, as has been proven by the squid that showed up in Toyama Harbor in Japan on Christmas Eve, 2015 and was guided back to open seas. Regardless,the book is still a fantastic read and very intense. I couldn’t put it down until I was done. As a result, I give it five stars.
Love the book and find it highly unappreciated. It better than Jaws as it avoids all the scandalous affairs Jaws has in it.


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