Beautiful Hell By Savannah Rose

Beautiful Hell: A Contemporary High School Bully Romance by Savannah Rose

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Book/Novel Author: Savannah Rose

Book/Novel Title: Beautiful Hell

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Elias was forced to hate. Forced to fear love. Forced to make me enemy number one. It’s not like my tale is any different. Our families spent their lives trying to remake Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We were pitted against each other from birth. We were taught just how to throw punches and where to land them for ultimate effect. I’d always been a fast learner. Never been weak. Never had to pick myself up from ground zero, but somehow, someway, I found myself there. Right at the bottom, struggling for air, uncertain of whether or not I wanted that last breath. Until he showed up. Until he reached out a hand that I was sworn against taking. I couldn’t have the enemy save me. And I sure as rain couldn’t fall for a man I’d spent my entire life hating. But I did. I fell fast and I fell hard and I learned that no matter how good I was at taking punches, I didn’t have a clue how crippling it was to take a punch to the heart.

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