Beautiful Madness By Laken Cane

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Beautiful Madness: An Urban Fantasy Wolf Shifter Series (Kait Silver Book 5) By Laken Cane


Book/Novel Author: Laken Cane

Book/Novel Title: Beautiful Madness



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The vampires have the moon.They cannot take the sun.There are daywalkers in Jakeston, and the council wants me to stake them all before they can do more damage. With every day they remain free, they grow more powerful.The daywalkers are feeding, but they’re leaving no proof of their grisly meals. There’s no blood. No hair. No bones. No drained, dead bodies.Humans are just quietly disappearing.No one sees the mutant vampires. These baddies don’t do frenzied, public attacks. Unlike Avis Vine, they don’t want to draw attention to themselves–so there is simply death that no one sees.These daywalkers aren’t eating just because they’re hungry. They’re devouring humans to grow their power. And somewhere out there is the magic that’s keeping them going. If I find that charger, whatever it is, the daywalkers will weaken. They’ll leave a trail I can follow.But how can I find something when I don’t even know what it is I’m looking for?How can I find creatures full of magic who have no desire to be found?If that’s not enough trouble, in the middle of trying to track untrackable daywalkers, my alpha disappears. I’m afraid he’s been turned and has gone into hiding…or that he’s been murdered.Then I feel him, and I know the truth.Jared is out there, and he’s alive.Nothing will keep me from him. Not for long.I will walk through hell to rid my city of the daywalkers and destroy their twisted magic once and for all, and I will kill the world to save the man who would’ve done the same for me.And when my past comes back to haunt me, I’ll have to put aside my horror over who–and what–I really am and find a way to forgive the woman I thought I could trust completely.Someday, I’ll get back the life I love. I’ll work the office, talk to spirits, and enjoy my new home in Huntersburg.But this is so not that day.
Kait has spent the series terrified of herself. I love that even those she doesn’t trust ultimately push, shove, and force her to accept and love herself. This book started with lots of loose ends and paths the story could take. With some astonishing revelations, this series could continue even more. The ending reads as a conclusion. I can still hope for more in this series though.
If you like lots of action, great plot twists, multi-dimensional and well written stories in the style of K F Breene then hat’s what you will find in this series starring a doubt ridden, paranormal/wolf shifter heroine named Kait Silver and her pack of characters. The series gets better and better with every book and the first book was great. A 5 star read that’s hard to put down.To the sexist illustrator and publisher..come on, read the damn book! What down to earth, woman warrior wears heavy eye makeup, uses lip filler and wears a bustier (so freaking stupid and demeaning to the heroine)? Then to get really moronic, adds belts around her thighs and waist with no weapons in them? Plus her hair, usually braided down her back, is supposed to be long enough when loose to partially cover part of her body when she is naked. Quit objectifying teenage girls and put a 26 year old woman warrior, in all her natural, beautiful glory while carrying the weapons she uses on the cover.
Great characters. Bada++ heroine … Kait was fearless most times and when she doubted herself she had back up in the people surrounding her that loved her. Her crew was funny, intense, ruthless, devoted to her… Had her back even though she didn’t think she needed it. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. The final battle before the last battle fought was epic and showed the dynamics of her Gang having her back. Great series!
I could not put this book down. My husband was quite irritated. Ready for the next release. Hope every reader has the same enjoyment.
Thankfully she has other series I can move onto. This is an amazing 5 book series! You won’t be disappointed. Very enjoyable!
It was a great series and I love the characters. The only problem I had with the series was thatthere was just too much gore. While I am not fond of the vampires, I could understand their part in the story. I just don’t like so much gore.


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