Beautiful People By Simon Doonan

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Beautiful People By Simon Doonan


Book/Novel Author: Simon Doonan

Book/Novel Title: Beautiful People

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At 9.30pm on 2nd October 2008, BBC2 will air the first in an 8-part adaptation of Beautiful People. Produced by Jon Plowman, the man behind The Office and Ab Fab, this is the charming and funny memoir of escaping a bonkers family and following your dreamsSimon Doonan’s childhood was a curious mix of small town boredom and bright light city dreams. Growing up in a working class area of Reading with the mad-cap Doonan clan – Mother Betty, Father Terry, blind Aunt Phyllis, grandmother Narg and Grandfather D.C. – he yearned to get out and find the Beautiful People whom he imagined lived fabulous lives of glitz and glamour.This is the story of how Simon eventually finds a way out and escapes to London with best friend Biddie Biddlecombe. Along the way they stumble upon punks, drunks, ladies of the night, the long arm of the law and all sorts of camps, vamps and outrageous scamps.But does he ever find the Beautiful People Or could they be the ones he left behind **

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