Beautiful Russian Monster By Odette Stone

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Beautiful Russian Monster (A Vancouver Mafia Romance Book 2) By Odette Stone


Book/Novel Author: Odette Stone

Book/Novel Title: Beautiful Russian Monster



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“Odette Stone writes wonderful, passionate stories with real men and strong women that pull you in from the prologue!” ~ An Odette Stone fan, 5 star review~When my grandfather, a shipping tycoon, went missing,I quickly discovered that there are some problemsthat money can’t solve. And this frightening situation was one of them. I didn’t think things could possibly get worse,but then I woke up.To a monster standing over me.With his hand covering my mouth.My reluctant captor, Viktor,with his clipped Russian accent and scary looking guns,operates with military precision.Don’t even get me started on his rules.As he drags me across the globe,we are plunged into a dark world that isfilled with danger and violence.But the conflict we are rushing towards,isn’t what scares me.What truly terrifies me,is how this man is starting to make me feel. My beautiful Russian monster. He’s the only thing standingbetween me and my worst nightmare. And I’m not sure that we will survive.~”How does she keep doing it? Odette Stone is my FAVORITE AUTHOR! I can not pass up a chance to read any of her work!!” ~ Amazon review
This romantic story should be turned into a movie. The character Blaire is portrayed as a wonderful & sensitive person that just see’s the good in everyone. Victor is the ultimate humble hero who deserves our respect! LOVED IT!
I truly enjoyed Viktor and Blaire’s story. From the start, it had me hooked!! I absolutely loved their banter, I felt like I couldn’t get enough!! The book brought you a sense of mystery, adventure, laughs, and I even cried. The characters were so well written, I could not put the book down and had to know what would happen next!! I’ve read all of Odette’s books and this one definitely did not disappoint!! This will definitely be one of those books that I will reread again!!
It’s great story with interesting engaging characters. It was also very sexy and erotic. I would highly recommend it! Stayed up late to finish it.
I absolutely love this book and the characters. The plot was very intriguing and had lots of twists and turns. I read lots of mafia oriented books but this one really held my interest. I absolutely recommend it you will love it

Couldn’t put the book down ,it is so good, lots of adventure, mystery, suspense, action, love and romance. A MUST READ


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4.9/5309 ratings