Beautifully Broken Redemption By Catherine Cowles

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Beautifully Broken Redemption (The Sutter Lake Series Book 5) By Catherine Cowles


Book/Novel Author: Catherine Cowles

Book/Novel Title: Beautifully Broken Redemption



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She’s hiding secrets.For Anna, keeping her deepest scars hidden from the world has always been a necessity—from the bruises of her childhood to the mistake that nearly cost her everything. To keep herself safe, she must keep everyone around her at a distance—especially the man who has tempted her since the moment they met.His demons are taunting him.Mason has done his best to bury the past by achieving more than he ever thought possible. But even with all of his success, his life feels empty.When tragedy strikes, Anna is left fighting to protect the only family she has left. And Mason will do anything to keep her and her loved ones safe—even if that means the ring of wedding bells.But as a new spark ignites between them, someone is watching.And they’ll do whatever it takes to snuff out that light for good.
This story is pure gold from start to finish! Best book of the series!!! The betrayal these two have gone through and the struggle to fight what is left of their surviving families was brutal! I felt for them so much but I loved they way they grew to understand and love eachother. They were exactly what eachother needed.
Final book in the series. Could be read as a standalone but won’t have backstory of other characters. Trust is a huge topic in this book. Anna learns to trust again in Mason.
Another success and a great read. Be prepared for triggers. As always there is sadness before happiness with this author. As always…..Enjoy!!!!
5 books of unforgettable characters entwined in every scenario possible. Do not miss out on the opportunity to experience Sutter Lake. Positively extraordinary!!!!!
It wasn’t a hardship to return to Sutter Lake for Anna and Mason’s story. In fact, before I started, I went back to the beginning again and am so thankful I did. I loved the connection between all the characters, and especially Irma’s antics. Anna and Mason’s journey wasn’t easy. Both had baggage from the past that would impede trust. Both had challenges to conquer. Both deserved love. Their journey was crafted flawlessly and I was captivated from the first page. Be warned, there will be tears. Both sad and happy. Beautifully written and compelling.
Anna has been rebuilding her life at Sutter Lake and moving on from her past. She has found her place, her tribe and she is building relationship with her sister again. When tragedy strikes and she is forced to do whatever it takes to take care of her family. Even if that means marrying Mason, the guy that she has been trying to avoid for years because she is so drawn to him. Mason, has his own past that he would rather forget but he can’t help but want to help Anna in any way that he can. He can’t deny that he wants to be there for her and protect her. Absolute perfect but I expect nothing less really from this author. This has everything that I have come to love from her – tragic back stories that are completely different but help both characters to relate to the other where no one else can, swoony hero, strong heroine, suspense, all consuming love story and an amazing tribe of friends. Absolutely loved this one.


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