Beauty & the Boss By Samantha Stevens

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Beauty & the Boss By Samantha Stevens


Book/Novel Author: Samantha Stevens

Book/Novel Title: Beauty & the Boss

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Hollywood movie studio publicist Eden Brooks is miserable working for demonic motion picture executives and demanding stars. She dreams of leaving it all behind to write novels … and maybe fall in love. Her life instantly changes when she goes online to find a no strings attached sex date and unwittingly meets hustler Rodrigo Dominquez. Rod is positively the hottest man on the planet. Although he rents by the hour, Eden is definitely up for a diversion – whatever the financial risk. But when Rod, an aspiring screenwriter, discovers that Eden is in “the biz,” he sets out to seduce her for far more than just cash. And he’s not about to let a little thing like falling in love with Eden stand in the way of his future creative success. But Eden is nobody’s fool. Soon she’s conquering Hollywood … and proving she’s superior to any man who thinks he can manipulate her. **

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