Beneath The Willow Tree By Rachel Hanna

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Beneath The Willow Tree (South Carolina Sunsets Book 8) By Rachel Hanna


Book/Novel Author: Rachel Hanna

Book/Novel Title: Beneath The Willow Tree



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In book 8 of the USA Today bestselling South Carolina Sunsets series, somebody comes back to Seagrove for the first time in many years.

Plus, catch up with your favorite characters including Julie, Dawson, Dixie and more!
I like the idea of checking back on characters after the first revel. See what’s happened since book 3. Surprise, surprise we’re at book 8 and headed for 9!Well I’m glad Julie got her man ( Dawson) and appears happy. What ever happened to the ex and his new woman whom turned out to not be that caring . Remember the accident he was in and she didn’t want to be his nursemaid? Their baby has to be older than Vivi as she was not Yet born. So I guess I missed a lot but one complaint. These books are shorter and shorter in page count and always leads to another book. I hate the wait for the next book as I lose track as books are several months wait and it on to next story. If you’re going to make a saga’s at least have next instillation weeks away rather than 6 months away.
Another one of Rachel’s book I couldn’t put downAnd it showed a messageIt doesn’t take much to get along and it’s all worth it in the end
I have just finished reading volume 8 of Rachel Hanna’sSouth Carolina Sunsets Books. I have loved every single book so far but volume 8 is my favorite. There were several characters and situations that I could relate to.The story turned out perfectly.

It was a great short story dealing with the lives of young people that age out of foster care. Gives you something to think about.


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