Betraying Bexley By TL Reeve

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Betraying Bexley (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Project ROOT Book 5) By TL Reeve


Book/Novel Author: TL Reeve

Book/Novel Title: Betraying Bexley

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Bexley “Bex” Iniguez is ready to die. From the time she was born until her eighteenth birthday, she’s known she wasn’t wanted. Her father, Raul Iniguez, has used and abused her, forcing her to do his dirty work.

Until one day he disappeared.

Alé Romero and S.R.T. (Strategic Reinforcement Team) have been sent to Virginia Beach to watch over Bexley and gather intelligence on her father, Nieto Cartel Leader, Raul Iniguez. However, what they uncover, sends them down a path none of them could have imagined.

Now, with Bronx at his side, Alé will do anything to protect Bexley. However, when Raul kidnaps Bexley, it will take every resource R.O.O.T. and S.R.T. has to get Bexley back. Can the new team of young delinquents save Bexley’s life, or will they be running out of time?

** From the authors: Please know that we took this book to heart and wanted to be as gentle and compassionate as we could when it came to explaining what has happened to Bex over the years. With that said, there might be some things that could be triggers for our more sensitive readers and those who have been through tough situations in the past.

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