Beware the Chinaman By Stephen Taylor

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Beware the Chinaman: The Futures Electric. But Who Holds the Power… By Stephen Taylor


Book/Novel Author: Stephen Taylor

Book/Novel Title: Beware the Chinaman

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The Future is Electric. But Who Holds The Power…

A Secret Organisation

*Planned World Domination…*

*The Assassin Known as The Chinaman…*

*And One Ex-SAS Soldier Who Will Stop at Nothing…*

Sent by Government Agent Howard to pick up a stolen hard drive, Danny soon finds himself fighting for his life as he’s chased across Europe by the mysterious and deadly Chinaman. The hard drive holds information to expose an organisation called the Board and its Chairman wants it back. The Boards plan is to save the planet and gain global dominance through its ecological empire. The execution of the plan is by any means necessary.  

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“Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, Jason Bourne and now Danny Pearson.”

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