Beyond the Play By Kaylee Ryan

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Beyond the Play (Out of Reach Book 3) By Kaylee Ryan


Book/Novel Author: Kaylee Ryan

Book/Novel Title: Beyond the Play



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Parker Of all the hot guys in the club, of course I find myself tangled up with a baseball player. Our chemistry is out of the park, igniting as his athletic body moves next to mine. I know exactly who he is, but the infamous Holden Bailey has no idea who I am, or my connection to the team. I prefer it that way. I give in to one dance with Holden and send him home alone. He can have any woman he wants, but for some reason, he wants me. His pursuit is relentless. He wrote the playbook on being a player, though. Giving in could cost me my heart.Holden I thought getting traded to the Blaze was life changing, but it’s nothing compared to meeting Parker Monroe. From the moment she bumps into me on the crowded dance floor, I can’t tear my eyes away.She’s gorgeous, intelligent, and definitely not interested. At least not in the player the media portrays me to be. I need to convince her that with her, I’m authentic, and what we have is the real thing. Game on. When the truth gets twisted, it looks like I’m playing her. But she has it all wrong. The way I feel about Parker is beyond the play. She’s my end game.
Having read Beyond the Bases and Beyond the Game back to back i couldn’t wait for more of this series! I had to pick this third installment up next and get back into the Out of Reach world! Just like with the first two, i was pulled in quickly. I so enjoyed this third book! Parker and Holden’s journey grabbed my attention! From the moment these two first lock eyes and later have a memorable dance, i couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. The chemistry between these two was blushworthy! I was glad that i got jump into both of their minds. I was so happy to be back in this world! With Beyond the Play, Ms.Ryan has created such a good read that will grab your attention from the start! I’m definitely going to be diving into the fourth installment, Beyond the Team next!
Parker & Holden I love that Holden has to fight for Parker and that she doesn’t care about his playboy status, after she got to know him better. And Easton… the papa bear. 🙂 Can’t wait to see how he reacts when Peyton finds her big love.
I love this series, even though it’s predictable. Beyond the Bases is still my favorite, simply because Easton had a heart of Gold. Each one of these series are about a baseball player that wasn’t thinking about settling down, but meet the woman that knocks them off their square. Each woman cares nothing about their stardom so they all have to chase the women until she knows body, mind, and soul it’s real. That sums them up. Each story is different in how they meet and how they approach the woman, but it’s a formula. When I got to 90% of the story and there was no real conflict I knew it was coming because there always is some type of conflict in love stories. Aside from the predictable nature of the story I loved the characters. Holden was traded to the Blaze unexpectedly after 2 years with the rival Tomahawks. Initially he was upset, but being that he was back in his hometown near his family and the Blaze had promise he was warming up to the idea. After meeting Parker he was all in, even before she was. Parker knew exactly who Holden was and despite their chemistry she wanted no parts of the playboy. Her father was famous baseball player Easton Monroe and he loved and cherished her mother. She too wanted that same type of love. She didn’t think Holden was ready for that type of commitment so she ran from their connection. At first Holden was just intrigued, but after being turned down by her something shifted. He wanted to make her his girl. He commenced to showing her he could give her the love she deserved. Despite the plot being repetitive I enjoyed these characters. I also loves getting updated on previous characters cause the Monroe bunch is everything.
I have loved seeing this series grow!! Easton is a top favorite and I’m so glad the story continues to the girls!!!
Beyond the Play is the third in this series and just wow. Seeing Easton as a Dad and Larissa watching their daughters grow is truly showing Kaylee Ryans talents in keeping everybody together. I loved seeing Parker grow and seeing her story with Holden was in a way like seeing Easton and Larissa again. Holden is one persistent and determined man when it coms to Parker to no excuses. Seeing him from going playboy to committed was even for him crazy but when it comes to Parker he’s all in. Now Parker was one strong girl because I mean he is sexy, smart and has all the right moves when it comes to her. All in all this series is just magical in a way you have to get it right now to see how loveable it is. We still have one more Monroe daughter left and cannot wait to see how Kaylee Ryan does her story. Awesome!! “I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”
Love these two. Parker is such a headstrong woman who isn’t easy to test. Holden is a reformed player who fell in love quicky. Their story is phenomenal


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