Big, Bossy Mistake By Lilian Monroe

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Big, Bossy Mistake: An Accidental Baby Romance (Manhattan Billionaires Book 1) By Lilian Monroe


Book/Novel Author: Lilian Monroe

Book/Novel Title: Big, Bossy Mistake



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Billionaire. CEO. Single dad.And, apparently, my date to Manhattan’s most exclusive ball.I thought my invitation was a birthday present from my best friend.The dress, the limousine, the red carpet… I thought they were meant for me.That was mistake number one.Then my date arrives, all gleaming cufflinks and tousled hair, steely blue eyes and a body honed to masculine precision.Arrogant. Charming. Panty-melting.And melt, they do. Hanky-panky with a rich hottie in the back room of the event I’m crashing?Don’t mind if I do.Listen, don’t judge me. It’s my birthday, remember? Nothing that happens tonight counts in real life.Ha.Right.That’s mistake number two.Because the next morning, I start my new job as the nanny for a high-profile client.And my new boss, the owner of this swanky Manhattan penthouse, and the father of these two adorable hellions?Yup. Mr. Hanky-Panky.But the biggest mistake of all?Staying with him.Working for him.Letting my guard down, falling for him…And crashing. Splat.Oh—then I find out I’m pregnant.
Loved the characters and the story. Dani and Emil are the perfect mix of sweet and sexy. Can’t wait for Leif and Layla’s story!
For the most part I enjoyed this story. I just don’t like it when characters make stupid mistakes for the “good of the story”.
This was a really good story. The characters and emotions were believable and I really enjoyed the realistic plot line. Can’t wait for book 2.
Let’s be honest, there is an obvious cliché on boss and nanny stories, but I really liked this one. I love how the story developed. There times when I thought “oh this is so obvious”, but no. Lilian Monroe gives us a good story with some twists that I was really not expecting. The only reason why for me this is not a 5 star review, is due to the fact that his perspective was a bit too feminine for me. Dani’s view of him is perfect. He is what we all dream of. Perfect gentleman with a possesive streak. But when I read Emil’s perspective, it is hard to belive a man is thinking that way. But who knows, maybe that’s how it really is. I would say, give it a chance and tell me, is it just me?
Dani is hiding. She is running from her past. An unexpected twist in fate has her attending a ball where she meets Emil. He becomes instantly possessive, and like Cinderella she runs from the ball. But fate has a way of interfering in life and Emil and Dani will have to fight their lust for profession and appearances. Some parts were to slow for me, overall good read.
I get where Danika/Kayla is coming from but I also think she’s very simple minded in her approach. Also Emil still hasn’t said anything about the abuse from Richard. It would have been nice if he did but he only focused on himself and his company.


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