Biker Bears Best Friend By Roxie Ray

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Biker Bears Best Friend: A Bear Shifter Romance (Bears Of Forest Heights Book 4) By Roxie Ray


Book/Novel Author: Roxie Ray

Book/Novel Title: Biker Bears Best Friend



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When you’re in love with your best friend, you pick all the wrong guys…I blame Rogue, my shifter best friend, for my poor taste in men. He’s always looked after me like a big brother, except my feelings for him have never been sisterly. But when it comes to women, he’s a playboy who has only ever seen me as a friend.Take my latest boyfriend—make that ex-boyfriend. I dumped Harlem because he’s been acting scary possessive, but he doesn’t like the idea of being my ex. Now Rogue’s coming to the rescue again. With a little careful digging, he’s discovered Harlem’s past with women is worse than scary—it’s sick.Plus, there’s a hot new alpha in town, sniffing around my coffee shop and harassing the locals. And he really likes my scent. I sure can pick ‘em.With two dangerous guys on the prowl, Rogue’s going to get all protective again. I just know it. But this time something’s different. Maybe I’m dreaming, but it’s like his bear thinks I’m his mate…
Enjoy the story line and action plot . Easy and enjoyable read and relaxing . Read all the books in this story so far and they tie together nicely .
Bears Of Forest Heights book 4. Rogue story. It is the the most cute, adorable, smexy read. Friends forever turns into holy hotness. This pull and push between these two was everythang. Not wanting to mess up there friendship but the chemistry is on level 10. Denial plays a very big part in it as well. Now add a psycho ex, another clan and two stubborn partners. Angsty, dramatic and plenty of WTF.
This is my fav of the series, but I’m hoping we get to read Sin’s HEA and I’m dying to know what Grizz and Rogue meant when they sensed something different about him.
KU* 2.75 stars This is Rogue and Misty’s story. I couldn’t wait to read this book especially with the ending of Fake Biker Bear Boyfriend. I wanted to see Misty make Rogue work for her affections that he tossed aside previously, unfortunately, that did not happen. First, I must say I’m a little peeved with Misty for letting Rogue trample on her feelings for years; also, Rogue is an idiot who didn’t even notice what his bear was telling him for years apparently. I’m going to ignore Harlem completely because he is a total turdburger and I wished he gotten more than he received. But I was very interested in Sin (the Alpha) and his pack of misfits and Sin was very interested in Misty; for a moment, it seemed that she was as well. We never get more information on Sin and pack, they came, they annoyed, saved Misty and moved on. I wanted so much for Misty to have some fun with Sin just so Rogue could feel what she had felt. However, once Rogue realizes his feelings, Misty just jumps on board and all is well; until Rogue has doubts and decides to figure it out without her. So basically he’s not sure if he can handle a relationship with Misty, but he doesn’t want her with anyone else either. Of course, while he is ignoring Misty something horrible starts to occur. Luckily Sin and Rogue arrived in time; this scene may be trigger for some. I just wasn’t a fan of this book; after all the heartbreak she went through, even putting her feelings out there and Rogue disregarded her until his bear was fed up with him. But as soon as he decides he wants her, she jumps into his arms after a whole big speech about moving on. Trey (formerly known as Reck) is next and his mate is Polly, Harlem’s ex; I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for them.
Why is it that your best friend is always the last to know that you’re in love with him or them? I don’t get it you have a bear! You’re a shifter! How come you’re bare and you did not sniff us me out when we were younger?? There is some drama, of course! Because the bear was not awake when I wanted them. Me human or not, it is love. Smell me Bear! Don’t you smell the love? Well ex is a nut case for a good storyline. Enjoy! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
‘Biker Bears Best Friend’ by Roxie Ray is the fourth book in her Bears Of Forest Heights series and tells the story of Misty, who owns a coffee shop, and Rogue, a bear shifter. Rogue and Misty have been best friends forever and Misty has been in love with him almost as long. However, Rogue thinks of Misty as his little sister and won’t cross that line, except his bear doesn’t agree. Ms. Ray has written an intriguing addition to her series. This story has drama, trust issues, scary exs, secrets, laughs, and passion. This was a sweet romance where Rogue kept denying his feelings because he didn’t think Misty could feel the same. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of drama with their romance. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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