Black Arts, White Craft By Hailey Edwards

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Black Arts, White Craft (Black Hat Bureau Book 2) By Hailey Edwards


Book/Novel Author: Hailey Edwards

Book/Novel Title: Black Arts, White Craft



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Black Hat Bureau, Book 2After a black witch pitched a hissy fit in Hollis Apothecary, Rue got stuck cleaning up his mess. That was the easy part. Repairing the damage he inflicted on Camber and Arden? That makes Rue wish she could bring him back to life just to kill him again. Slower this time.While Rue is setting her new life back to rights, Clay and Asa are off working a case, but it soon becomes clear that they’ll need her help to catch the vicious creature preying on locals in a small Tennessee town. She’s got her hands full at home, but Rue has no choice. She must report for duty to honor her agreement with the director. Or else.What she discovers leads her deeper down the rabbit hole of Black Hat Bureau corruption and promises that, no matter how grim the past few weeks have been, the worst is yet to come.Read more

But a great one.I like the romance, love Clay and Colby, and am getting seriously drawn into what happened with her grandfather and where it’s going.
The story makes me happy. I’ve enjoyed the first 2 books and am excited to see there is a 3rd one out.
Entertaining from beginning to end, leaves you wanting more. Good character development and an interesting but somewaht convoluted plot that could use a little more exposition.
Light, fun, and exciting.Copy/pasting explanations is tacky, though.If you want us to read a series, you have to change it up every time.See Janet Evanovich on where Grandpa Mazur went.


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