Black Wings, Gray Skies By Hailey Edwards

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Black Wings, Gray Skies (Black Hat Bureau Book 4) By Hailey Edwards


Book/Novel Author: Hailey Edwards

Book/Novel Title: Black Wings, Gray Skies



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Black Hat Bureau, Book 4Monsters with a taste for children are nothing new, but fairy tales never mentioned this nightmarish predator. Rue has her hands full tracking the creature hunting the streets of Charleston, but a call from home divides her attention—and her loyalties.A stranger has come to Hollis Apothecary, asking questions that prickle the hairs on her nape, but she can’t abandon the victims based only on a bad feeling. The pit in her stomach only grows when the stranger takes a hostage and makes his demands. He wants to talk to Rue, face to face. Or else. What he has to say will change her life, and her perception of her past, forever.
I have loved this series since book 1. It just keeps getting better. The chemistry between Rue and Asa gives me all the feels. I love the way the story continues to evolve and the way the characters continue to grow. Looking forward to the next book!
I honestly didn’t think it was possible for Hailey Edwards (or anyone else) to create an MMC I would love as much as Linus, then she gave us Asa. ❤️Her cleverness and creativity amaze me every time. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys the UF genre. You’ll find unique world building, an engrossing story, and endearing characters. Especially the “smarty fuzz butt”!
I wish there were more books to read. Its always that way with a really great story. I appreciated all the tie-in moments referencing the authors other series.
Love the story line it is different. I also love the characters. Recommend reading if you like snark and a little humor mixed in with your story. I only hope there are more books to come and soon.
All the food and desire/fascination gets in the way of the story, plus a page was missing. I like the plot, but it’s thin n one you pull out those two things
Hailey Edwards never fails to give you a wonderful series that just leaves you wanting more!I highly recommend her other series of books.Five Puppy Paws


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4.9/5309 ratings