Blaze By Helen Hardt

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Blaze (Steel Brothers Saga Book 21) By Helen Hardt


Book/Novel Author: Helen Hardt

Book/Novel Title: Blaze



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They’re in love…and in danger.Donny Steel lives a charmed life. He’s a successful attorney, in love with the woman of his dreams, and a member of the Steel family. But while Snow Creek’s golden family seems perfect on the outside, how many skeletons lurk in the Steel closet? Each day, Donny finds more and more evidence of foul play while dredging up his own past—something better left forgotten.Callie Pike never imagined Donny Steel could fall in love with her, and she desperately wants to revel in their blazing passion. If only her own past hadn’t returned to torment her. Why now? What does it all mean? Is it somehow related to the attempt on Talon Steel’s life? Or the fire that destroyed her family’s livelihood?As scattered pieces of evidence crop up in unlikely places, Donny and Callie work to find the common thread to pull everything together. But someone clearly wants to destroy them, and laws, ethics, and locked doors don’t seem to be standing in the way.
Blaze once again proves why I come back to Helen Hardt’s books again and again. While you could possibly read this book as a beginning….your’e definitely doing yourself a disservice by not starting this series from the beginning. This book has so many twists my head started spinning! Poor Donnie, he’s got so many problems and mysteries going on, I’m not sure how he has time for anything else! And as usual, I can’t wait for the next book to find out more….. Summer Morton and Oliver Clarke do an amazing job narrating.

Once again helen hardt has captivated me. This book is as amazing as the rest in the series. So good that once I started it is couldn’t put it done till I finished it.Such an awesome series!!!

I’d recommend this book for 18 years and over. I gave it five stars because Ms. Hardy has a tremendous and devious mind to be able to be on her twenty-second book in a series and still have more to offer. She keeps me intrigued, always looking for more. I love how she includes all of the characters from the beginning to the present and how it all intertwines. She is a brilliant writer. I’ll have to wait till June for the next book.
As always Helen leaves me wanting more. BLAZE is another book in this series of a family that has many secrets dating back years. I’ll be waiting for the next one.


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4.9/5309 ratings