Blood and Wrath By Rumer Hale

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Blood and Wrath (Blood and Ruin Series Book 2) By Rumer Hale


Book/Novel Author: Rumer Hale

Book/Novel Title: Blood and Wrath



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Kai. Jax. Luka. Rion. Axel.She was taken from us…again.And now she’s in the hands of that sadistic psycho.But thanks to our bond, we have abilities that surpass even the strongest of our kind.We’ll get her back.And when we do…Those who have hurt her will pay.Along with anyone else who gets in our way…**Blood and Wrath is book 2 in a paranormal reverse harem trilogy. It contains violence, adult themes, bad-language and content which some readers may find upsetting.**
I love seeing the new powers develop. Nice to see that the guys have the healing abilities and the upgrades to their shifter forms.
Another beautiful cover for an awesome book! I enjoyed book two better then book one! I love these characters! I will be eagerly anticipating book three.
What a boss… She was lost and found quickly.. Alphholes do possessive to trust anyone but their family they created.. Real trauma from real families.. She learned the truth about herself and seen she Is truly beautiful the new abilities are amazing..She will do anything to protect her family…
Literally sucked me in from the very beginning! Now I’m going to be stuck waiting for book 3. Will definitely be re-reading book 1 & 2 in the mean time!
This book picked up after that cliffhanger where our FMC, Kiarra, believes that all of her fated mates are dead. She is back to being tortured by King and his men all the while her men are frantically searching for her. The writing still had something lacking but I couldn’t tell you what. I rated 4 stars based on vibes – I think, in my personal preference, it took too long for her guys to get her back. I don’t mind a little separation and torture, but this went on for so long that it weakens the romance plot line since there’s only so much genuine relationship building you can do with the remaining pages (if that makes sense). I know the series isn’t done yet and I’ll definitely be reading the next book, but I’m hoping I can feel more depth between Kiarra and her men.
Blood and Wrath by Rumer Hale is a paranormal reverse harem romance. This is the second book in the Blood and Ruin series.This is Rumer’s debut series and she has knocked it out of the park. I was pulled in from the first chapter and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.I am loving the relationship that is being built between Kirra, Kai, Jax, Luka, Rion, and Axel. I also really enjoyed getting all of their points of view throughout the book. It really brought the story to life.The book ended on an another great cliffhanger that left me begging for more. I can’t wait for book three to be announced so I can get more of their story.I would highly recommend this book if you like reverse harems, paranormal romances or romantic suspense.


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