Blood Drawn By John Conroe

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Blood Drawn: A novel of The Demon Accords By John Conroe


Book/Novel Author: John Conroe

Book/Novel Title: Blood Drawn



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Demon Accords number 17.Chris Gordon and Tanya Demidova are the world’s top close quarters battle experts.As fast and powerful as elder vampires, with supernatural weapons that match their supernatural speed, strength and senses.But how does a close quarters warrior fight an enemy that is literally light years away — 25,000 light years away?It would take one hell of a ranged weapon, something that can cross unimaginable distances with unfathomable power.Something… or… someone.Hmm, but witch is best?Read more
Once again the author transcends himself and the reader with plot twists and unexpected results. Totally blew my mind. AMazing
3 out of 5 stars for this one. I’ve got two major gripes with Blood Drawn, the seventeenth volume. I reckon they’re the same gripes that had bugged me for a few books now. It’s gotten so that I am now on the side of those who’d been whinging about Declan’s having become too powerful, too deus ex machina, to the extent that he’s leap-frogged Chris Gordon, the original lead character, to become THE most important, preeminent character in the Demons Accords series. Homie’s so powerful I’m starting to think the Vorsook are the underdogs in this coming fight. Maybe I should start rooting for the Vorsook? I love me an underdog story.Me, I ride and die with Chris and Tanya all day, and I hate it that so much shine’s been taken away from them. In Blood Drawn, the seventeenth book, they’re this close to being afterthoughts. I’m fed up with how it’s become automatic for everyone to be in awe of Declan’s witch abilities. Also, I am wanting for Tanya to take the p-ss out of Declan’s werewolf girlfriend, Stacia. Huh. Am I too invested? It’s probably not healthy.My other gripe is that the series is taking too long to get on already with the alien invasion that just looms and looms and looms. The past few books have been essentially one big set-up for the Vorsook to finally make their move. It doesn’t happen in this book either.Two cool things – and maybe a mild **plot spoiler** alert now. There’s a welcome sighting of Nira, the girl from the short story, “The King’s Daughter” (The Demon Accords Compendium, Volume III). And Chris’s awesome grandfather is more prominent in the plot. In fact, I suspect Gramps will have a more active role in coming books.I will say it’s likely the Vorsook will finally make their move in the next book. In the afterword, John Conroe mentioned that Blood Drawn is the first of the last three books in the main Demon Accords series, followed by Blood Culled and Blood Lines. I’m just disappointed that Conroe won’t start on the third Shadows of Montshire book until he’s wrapped up Blood Culled. The Shadows of Montshire series has yet to get me salty.
I usually use Audible to listen to this series, but it was so long that I just couldn’t wait.Mr Conroe is building to the end game, so it is a fast pace read.I really get into this world of fantasy with monsters, aliens, and Angels.I like the scientific thought into the abilities of the characters and the connection to the modern world.
Great series,great writing, best fantasy series ever.Not just Demon Accords,but all his genres. I strongly suggest you pick up Any offering from Conroe,you won’t be disappointed.
Another hit to a great series ,can’t wait to see what comes next.Wonder if Gramps and the mighty short one might become a thing.
First time writing a review for these books. Just want to thank the author for these adventures. All the characters, their growth throughout, even the outlandish power jump for Declan. It’s just entertaining for entertainment sake. Can’t wait for the next one. Keep it up!


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