Blood Lands By Stacey Marie Brown

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Blood Lands (Savage Lands Book 5) By Stacey Marie Brown


Book/Novel Author: Stacey Marie Brown

Book/Novel Title: Blood Lands



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Nobody can hear your screams from the depths of hell…Those who survived Halálház, never imagined going back.But this isn’t Halálház, this is Věrhăza, and nothing can prepare any of them for this.With General Markos in control of the new prison, torture and cruelty is taken to a whole new level. But what Brexley is forced to do, will not only change her, but the course of the future.With her abilities starting to show themselves, Brexley risks everything to save those she loves from dying; but in doing so, she exposes her abilities to Istvan.When she and Warwick are tortured and used as experiments, she finds that Istvan’s deceit and betrayal go far deeper than she could imagine.Istvan will do anything to stay in control.As Brexley’s powers grow, so does the hate and darkness inside. Her hands are marked red, her soul heavy in guilt. There has been so much death, pain, and agony.When does someone break?How much can one person take before the hero turns into the villain?
I loved this series, but it’s gotten stale. The author insists repeating the same phrases over and over again, which would be fine, if the same scenes weren’t repeating as well. Kidnapped, explosion, jail, break free, death, vengeance, kidnapped, explosion, break free, jail, kidnapped. I really and truly hope the sixth book breaks away from this pattern, because it’s almost a DNR, and that would be a shameful way to end a long series.
This is my first series/books by this author and I will definitely be reading more. I’ve loved each book. The storyline is intriguing and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I’m constantly rooting for Warwick and Brexley. Cheering them on and waiting to see how they get out of their next dilemma. Their relationship is unique and their powers are so intriguing. Their chemistry is off the charts. I am so ready to see Istvan l, and Boyd, get what he deserves. And I called Tracker’s actions!! I knew it!! I love all of the characters in Brex’s family. They all have a role to play and are special. Opie and Bitzy are hilarious and such a great addition to the story. The ending in this book was wow. I cannot wait to see what unfolds in the last book.
A great addition to the series. This book keeps you on the edge it your seat the whole way thru. I can’t wait for book six I cannot wait for spring.
I devoured this series. Started reading the first book in the middle of a reading slump and it got me out of that slump. Looking forward to book 6 to see what happens next!
Aside from wondering if maybe this could have been a trilogy or maybe four books, I do like the writing style and the characters. There are romantic entanglements outside the primary couple that are becoming apparent. Excited for the last book!
I am still shaking!!!! Stacey has never ceased to amaze me with her ability to captivate her readers with her genius!!! Blood Lands takes the cake, the cookies, the pie, the ENTIRE bakery!!! Absolutely fantastic


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4.9/5309 ratings