Blood Money By Matt Rogers

Blood Money: A Lynx Thriller (Lynx Shorts Book 1) by Matt Rogers

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Book/Novel Author: Matt Rogers

Book/Novel Title: Blood Money

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SEDUCTION CAN BE FATAL… The Lynx program. A clandestine government initiative founded on a time-tested principle: nothing disarms like a beautiful woman. Young girls from bad homes are shaped into human weapons over the course of their childhood and unleashed into the world to right wrongs when they come of age. Inhumane, but devastatingly effective. Ruby Nazarian, twenty years old and lethal, exists in that moral grey zone. She’s in Monaco to infiltrate the entourage of Aaron Wayne, a real estate tycoon on the precipice of dipping his hands into blood money. She charms her way aboard the magnate’s superyacht, but everyone seems suspicious of her, and the walls start to close in. As the party ebbs onward, she prepares for war… Maybe she’s paranoid. Maybe not.

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