Blue Shift By J.N. Chaney

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Blue Shift (Backyard Starship Book 5) By J.N. Chaney


Book/Novel Author: J.N. Chaney

Book/Novel Title: Blue Shift



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When Van gains rank as a Peacemaker, he becomes a bigger target for the criminals scattered among the stars.And he wouldn’t have it any other way.On a distant world under an alien sun, hunters and their companions—the Rovan—bond in a ritual as old as their civilization. But one of the hunters is missing, and Van, along with his growing crew, knows where to look. Climbing up into the rarified air of the super-rich, Van uncovers a new enemy: The Fade.And they are as cruel as the stars are many. A gang of heartless killers, the Fade will stop at nothing in the name of profit.Which is fine with Van, as he’ll stop at nothing in the name of justice.Tracking his quarry across a dozen systems, Van, Torina, Perry and Icky—along with Zenophir, the new technician—will untangle a conspiracy of betrayal and death. As Van soon discovers, the Fade never lose.But they’ve never met Van and his crew.Experience the fifth entry in the best selling science fiction series of 2021 from USA Today Bestselling Authors J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert. If you’re a fan of old school heroes and villains, a bustling galaxy full of unknowns, and lost civilizations, you’re sure to love this epic scifi adventure.
Where do you go from here? I don’t know but I do want to find out. I have enjoyed this series so much, this is where space opera meets defective series and it’s been awesome.
I tried book one, and enjoyed it, so I tried book two and really enjoyed it. I have read all five and about to down load book six. It took a while getting into book one, but when I did it was worth the effort. Chaney and Maggert have created a fantastically witty story line that draws you in, fills you with humour and intrigue. Yes it’s all fiction, but believable fiction and fantasy. I look forward to the next Hilario’s adventure. Come join the fun.
Latest entry in the series ties up a plot line or two while opening up the possibility of great things for the main characters.
Whodunnit? Apparently the one you suspected and almost changed your mind about. After invading Van’s home in Iowa, and trying to blow him up, but for the bomb freezing. Van and Torina close in on the real culprit. And they catch her alive. Will she stand trial and be convicted? Will Van become a desk jockey?
I only give 5 star reviews to media that I believe is or will be considered classic. That being said, although these books are no competition for Dune or Children of Time, it is a fun jaunt thru a possible universe. The characters develop with each chapter and the story gathers a depth to it as it moves along. Maybe, someday, I’ll find a spaceship in my yard…. if a book gives you a dream like that, it must be pretty good.
While there is more to come in this series, I’m happy to get off here. The two authors seem to take turns at writing, and their different styles create a certain disharmony in the character development and their behaviors. This book mostly had less of the juvenile terran idioms than some others, but still lots of loose ends. Obviously the authors know how to use foreshadowing to effect, but then often fail to follow up on the very action they foreshadow. Aside from the loose ends, the storyline is enjoyable, and this installment actually saw some good character development. The science isn’t getting any better however. There are some good initial thoughts on AIs and their moral and legal status, but it isn’t followed up on. The debate will certainly have to be taken in the real world, but the authors don’t even allude to any such debate (not even a philosophical one) outside Earth. Possibly worst of all is the willy nilly way in which our heroes blunder about and then suddenly the genious super alien bad guy just makes galores of mistakes and is easily brought to justice with hardly a scratch on our heroes. At least we get some closure.


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